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System specs vs. my performance figures

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Hi guys,I know this is a gloriously imprecise science but I'd appreciate some feedback.I'm looking to pick up ultimate terrain USA and Europe to complete my Flight Sim environmental overhaul. Just want to decide whether I have a chance of running them smoothly.Based on my specs in the signature how do the following current FS performance factors weigh up?Running Flight Environment with 3 cloud layers, Ultimate Traffic at 80%, Radar Contact 4.Most sliders set towards the right, resolution of 1600X1900X32, anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering handled by my graphics card.744VC - 11-15FPS on the ground, 20FPS in the air at the stock enhanced airports. Performance mostly smooth. If I throw any substantial weather in to the mix the FPS drop right off.Most add-on airport scenery works OK, Mega-Frankfurt kills me a bit but then it's a complex scenery!So, having asked the unanswerable question, what do people think? Am I running up against a brick wall or is my rig capable of more?

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