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Desperate Help Needed with CH Yoke Setup

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Folks,I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to setup my CH Products USB Yoke for use with the 737NG and 744.I'm particuarly interested in how to get the sensitivity and null zones setup so that they closely mimic the real thing. I've played around with the settings, but havent found anything that seems to work.Can anyone out there share their setup of the yoke with me?Thanks!!!

Busdriver (Bill)


8086K @5.4GHz, EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW3, DDR4 16GB @4000MHz, Samsung 970 NVMe (M.2) Windows 10 Pro, Samsung M.2 1TB for P3D V4.5

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Guest wayne459

Hi Busdriver,I too am having difficulty in setting up my CH Products yoke.Hopefully someone will help us both out.Wayne

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Guest The_Glideslope

HiThe trick is to adjust null zones to "0" (ZERO) and the sensitivities to maximum right (taking advantage of full response) making sure in the "options/controls/sensitivities" menu you get the sliders all the way to the left (in sensitivities) and all the way to the left (in null zone).Then go to FSUIPC joystick calibration and capture all ranges for both the ailerons and elevators, make sure to select "filter" and adjust you response to +4 on ailerons and -6 to elevators (or just mess around with these at your discretion).Have a good calibration with Control Manager 4 and NOT windows standard calibration. CH recomends you actually do it TWICE!The sensitivities menu inside FS9 is a fake solution because it can create undesired delays and involuntary reactions.Any other issue rather than just reaction/response?

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Personnaly, I use the CH Control Manager 4 software to get a smoother, more linear resonse curve. I do calibrate these "virtual-devices" in this software but do not adjust null zones etc, here. I then use the "map-mode" with the CH CMCC utility automaticaly starting up my device map when windows boots. I then ripped out all my axis from within FS9 and now use FSUIPC v3.6 (registered) with it's new axis assignments facility. This way, I can have a specific set of buttons, keys, & axis setup and auto-detected based on the title-name of the aircraft loaded. The rudder pedals work for all aircraft the same way for example, so this only needs one section in the FSUIPC.ini file, then I have aircraft-specific sections for everything from the Baron to the PMDG 747F. Works like a charm and reletivly smooth too.Read the CH software docs to get the "mapped" devices up and running. Then read the latest version of the FSUIPC advanced users guide for version 3.6.CH Yoke, TQ, & PedalsAL | KCHS - Charleston, AFB | Home of the 437AW (53 C-17's)

Al Jordan

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