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question for 747 pilots - (real or virtual)

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has anyone succesfully gotten a 744 out of La Paz, Bolivia (SLLP)? I flew in there over the weekend and had a downright scary time getting out. The 13,000 foot elevation made the 12,000ft+ runway feel like it was 5000 feet only. My weight was around 750,000. If anyone has been succesful doing this please share some tips. Thanks!! Also another question regarding the pilot's point of view in the vc. The view makes it seem like you are sitting on top of the center line when lined up for takeoff. Granted I have never had the privilege of sitting in the two front seats of a 744 on takeoff (but i did stay at a holiday inn last night)I thought both pilots would have a view point that was slightly to the left or right of the center line. Does the view point appear to be directly over the center line because of the height of the cockpit?thanks for your insight...

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Armchair jock hereLaPaz - never tried but make sure you use your performance tablesVC - actually I notice (once again) that PMDG has this dead on - when the nosewheel is on the centerline the vc view seems to have the line running along where the captain's right knee/thigh would be - this I've read is correct. It does not seem to me as if I'm directly on top of it.regards,Markhttp://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/747400.jpgXPHomeSP2/FS9.1/3.2HT/1024mb/X700pro256



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Hi Slick9,coincidentally I'm preparing to fly out of this airport. I've recently dowloaded a freeware scenery and mesh. I just finished creating my maximum weights.First of all I realised that it is a must to use 20 degrees flaps for TO. I have come to the conclusion that with zero wind, I have a Max Prformance TO Weight (MPTOW) of ~ 340,000 kg. This is a static TO allowing the engines to reach TO thrust before brake release. With a headwind of 10 kts, your MPTOW will be ~ 350,000 kg. This was calculated using current actual temps in Bolivia which is ISA plus 20 more or less. I suspect that in ISA conditions you can squeeze out about another 5,000 kg.Remember that I have NO official RAD's for this airport and that these figures are based on my personal testing.Xanderp.s. Really wish someone can fab up Runway Analysis Data for SLLP. Would be really cool.

Xander Koote

All round aviation geek

1st Officer Boeing 777

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