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setting the 'fix' page on the FMC

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HisI got the level-d angle of attack cd recently and I noticed that the fix page is being used a lot for setting the landing configurations.The procedures used are not explained anywhere else.I am wondering if those procedures are exclusive to level-d or can you use them for the pmdg 744-which I have .If so,than could some body please suggest a tutorial that explains which point do you place in the fix page for landing and how do you decide which 'rad' value to use.I have read the explanation on 'abeam' but still can't understand it-could someone please help-and why do you need it.I always use the 'loc' and the 'app' for landings and switch them off around 1000ft if I feel brave to tackle a manual lnding-The AOA cd does nothing like this....what happens in reallife?I am very new to the simming world-I know nothing- through trials and errors I have managed to understand most things about the FMC,the fix page I never bothered about-the AOA cd seems to suggest we can make use of this page and it looks fun too-Please help as much as you can-I would really like to try a landing where I decide and programme all steps.Seasonal Greetings to AllQas

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Qas,The fix page is used to draw radials and DME circles around navaids. (usually VORs) When pilots do this, they're either using the approach charts or ATC instructions to construct a picture on the ND.http://flightaware.com/resources/airport/P...BUCKEYE+TWO/pdfFor example, the BXK2 departure at KPHX from Runway 26 calls for flying heading 240 until you're 13 DME from the PXR VOR, then a right turn to heading 280 to intercept the 077 radial from the BXK VOR.So, ideally you'd like to show the points when you're 13DME from PXR and when you're about to intercept the BXK R-077.So, for the first one, enter PXR as the first fix, and then type /13 into the line below. Doing just a / followed by a number draws a circle of that radius around the fix. You should see a green 13DME circle around PXR now.Now, go to the second FIX page and enter BXK. Now, type 077 into the line below. You should now have a line extending along the 077 radial from BXK to infinity on the ND.Now, you can easily see graphically exactly when you need to make your turns while flying the procedure. This is what the FIX page is used for 90% of the time - the ABEAM feature tells you basically when you're going to be at your point of closest approach to a waypoint you're not actually flying over. It can be useful in an emergency situation for example to see whether you're closer to one airport or another...

Ryan Maziarz

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HiMany thanks for the reply-I am sure it's very straight forword to master,but at the moment i think i will stick with the lesson 4 method and use lnav vnav and let the plane fly the route.Maybe I will take the challenge after I have managed to land properly????????.:-(Qas

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