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PMDG 747-400 and FS build

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I am interested in developing a flight plan that will allow me to use RC for ATC guidance.I see that I can do that by creating the flight plan in FS Build and exporting it to both PMDG and FS 9 format.What confuses me is that there are two sources of AIRAC and SIDSTAR data, one is from NAVDATA [for PMDG products] the other supplied by FS build. looks like the FS Build is a smaller subset of NAVDATA to make matters worse.The data sets apparently are not interchangeable.They use different data sources.So how does one synch the two so that flight plans created in FS Build for PMDG 747 will function in the 747 FMC which has a different database to avoid errors?is this even possible?Greg

Greg Clark

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Guest zsoltszivak744

Hello Greg, I use FS Build as well and haven't had any conflict issues between the two data bases. The FMC on the pmdg 747/ 737 has so far functioned well without any errors. I don't know that one is smaller or more outdated than the other so you shouldn't have any issues. give it a go and see what happens. Cheers: Zsolt

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