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  1. falcon999

    Not possible to restart failed engine in flight

    Did you try starting the APU?
  2. Download SP1 from the PMDG website and install it prior to installing the 300.
  3. falcon999

    777X Activation

    Did you use the activation code for the 300? If you did, open a ticket with PMDG support and they will help you sort it out. Descending through 30,000ft now... There is something really fun about being on an NG on a PMDG release day! :rolleyes:
  4. Unfortunately this is not the right place to discuss OC techniques and instructions. It is not a matter of just setting parameters on the mother board. There is a process you must go through to setup correctly. Try the hardware forums or do a search for OC instructions for your Mombo and CPU combo.
  5. falcon999

    300 ER Activation issues and livery downloader issues

    Did you take a look at Ryan's documentation? Take a look. :rolleyes:
  6. falcon999

    Live change of panel states still doesn't work!

    Ok, please open a tick with PMDG support. We were not seeing this so let's have them take a look. One note, working from a 737-800 NG and we have begun descending for landing. I will be shutting down shortly.
  7. falcon999

    PMDG 777-200 question

    I believed you will purchase the patched version. If you don't have WX radar then just download the patch.
  8. falcon999


    I will leave that to Ryan to answer for sure. You can try, just backup the original so you can put back if there is an issue.
  9. falcon999

    I hate to ask about removing liverys pre SP1....

    They are still useful, but to be safe remove everything.
  10. Issue has nothing to do with CPU utilization. There is a lot more to OC than CPU and memory. You have another timing issue happening. Set everything to default on the MB, run FSX and if it works than its definitely an OC issue.
  11. falcon999


    If it is not a permission issue from unpacking then I am not sure your going to be able to avoid an uninstall. You have a permissions issue or registry issue with the path. One note, I am typing from 36,000ft in an 737-800 NG. How cool is that?
  12. falcon999

    Activation problem B77W

    Not seeing this with others, please post in the 777 forum if persist.
  13. falcon999

    I just bought it.......

    THREE GOLD STARS for reading the documentation first!!
  14. falcon999

    Live change of panel states still doesn't work!

    Ok wanted to make sure you didn't modify the install. Are you selecting the 777 from the FSX start screen? ?
  15. falcon999


    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the 777?