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  1. Simply stated and bottom line, use at your own risk. It's not supported functionality. :-)
  2. One more note, above all good airmanship is the most influential component. You need to know your aircraft. :-)
  3. It's important to do all of the above. Also pay attention to the deceleration circles. They will assist as well.
  4. P3D is for comercial use only.
  5. Do you follow suggestions in the introduction?
  6. Need more information about your system and what's running on it in addition to FSX.
  7. Did you load the ops center update? Take a look at the introduction, you will find it helpful!
  8. Also say three times after me... This isn't the NGX.
  9. I suggest opening a ticket with PMDG, they can assist further.
  10. Please ensure you take a look at the introduction documentation as well.
  11. Last time Kyle I promise, and all together now, THIS.. ISN'T... THE... NGX! Nicely done Kyle!
  12. Did you look at the gear synoptic? What's that, check out the manual. :-)
  13. Alex, where do you fly out of at KPWK? That's my home base as well.
  14. Shouldn't be any reason to use NGX as default flight. Do you have advanced animations turned on? Did you check the NGX introduction documention and ensure FSX is setup correctly after reinstalling?
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