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Another Light Question

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First, about the landing lights, what situation would call for only the outboard or only the inboard lights to be used? Why are there switches for both. Also, toward the end of this video (

) you notice the runway turn off lights were switched on before touchdown. This isn't what really happens, is it? When exactly are these lights used aside from turning off the runway in low visibility? Ryan GamurotLucky to live Hawai'ihttp://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa296.png

Ryan Gamurot

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We use the Outboard landing lites for taxyng if no taxy light is fitted on the nose leg area. There are different beam angles for both inboard and outboard lights and I guess the outboards give the desired flood effect. Q could perhaps fill in here as I cannot recall the exact numbers. There does not seem to be any hard and fast rules as to using the turnoffs. I turn them on when turning on the I and O ldg lites as normal procedure day or night. Essentially this is to make us more conspicuous as well as illuminate the runway turnoffs (hence the name).When on the ground I use the taxy and turnoff lights as signals to other aircraft and ground vehicles (LAX mainly). When moving taxy light on....off when stationary. The turn offs are used as indicators to indicate direction of turn. This is not an established procedure but one which seems to work in busy places like LAX where grnd vehicles and aircraft are in close proximity..


Steve Hall

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