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Odd question - but any discount on downgrading FS9 ?

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Having just purchased the FSX 747x and been dissapointed by the poor performence of the SP2 in FSX. I'm considering the 'downgrade' to FS9 - but is it possible to get some discount going from 747x for FSX to 747 for FS9 ?ThanksJorgensen

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Jorgensen:Actually, you will probably not be the only one wondering this.... If anything confirms the correctness of PMDG's decision to release the MD-11 in FS9 as well as FSX, this release does.The MD-11 release will have two distinct threads- the FS9/XP crowd asking about systems and procedures, and the FSX crowd asking how to make it run.Sorry if I sound a bit jaded- but I'm going to stick with what works!Good luck, it will be interesting to see PMDG's response!Best-Carl F. Avari-Cooper BAW0225http://online.vatsimindicators.net/980091/523.png


Carl Avari-Cooper

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