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RW procedures for outboard ENG failure (B744)

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Ryan technically you do not need to do anything until the EICAS message Fuel imbalance 1-4 is displayed although I would try to maintain balance well before then.It really depends upon the situation as to what course of action you should take. If it were an engine failure on TO and you were re-circuiting to land then I would do nothing about the increasing imbalance until the EICAS message appeared. The reason is that you will have a lot of other considerations to attend to and messing about with the fuel system then and there could lead to an error. If on the other hand the failure occurred at any other time then I would simply open up 1 and 4 crossfeed valves and use the pumps in the respective tanks to maintain balance. Even just opening up the 1 and 4 crossfeeds helps the situation.

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