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Can TO/GA be assigned to a direct x joystick button?

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HiFirst, you have to sign you name to you posts. Anyway, you can assign TOGA to a joystick button but you need you use the software that came with the controller. The procedure is to first assign a key command for TOGA in the PMDG menu. Make sure it doesn't conflict with any other commands. Then open the programming software that came with the controller and assign that same key command to the button you want to use as TOGA. Hope this helps.Ryan GamurotLucky to live Hawai'i

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By the way, for those of you that fly on VATSIM with FSX and don't use the joystock software, FSINN has a nice key mapper that works great with the PMDG commands. If you right click on the FSINN stop light sign thingy you get a list of options, go to the one that says map joystick to key commands and set up a joystick or throttle quadrant button to map to a key command. Then go to the PMDG options and set the TOGA command to that key stroke. To check, press the button on the joystick and Voila, watch the TOGA come on.This works for all the PMDG commands by the way. I have the TOGA, autothrottle on/off and autopilot master on/off set up to joystick or throttle quadrant buttons.Bill Barrette

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