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Here's a cool idea if I do say so myself! (it's a repe

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Below is a schematic of my attempt at a truly cool running system using stock retail HSF on a P4 2.x system. The system also employs an external Cheetah X15 SCSI 160 drive system that is housed remote from the main PC case, and so does not contribute heat or noise in the main box. The diagram shows a kind of shoe that the very thermally efficient Lian Li PC-68 all aluminum case sits on that conducts air into the fully speed controlled intake fans. This air comes from the crawlspace under my PC room, which ranges in temp from wintertime at about 40F at the lowest to 68F absolute tops in the hottest part of the summer, the case is assured of getting a precooled air yearround, sometimes VERY precooled. I would say the average temp is around 55F is just a guess. The "shoe" is just a conduit that communicates via an interior room wall into the crawlspace. By having the dual super quiet Whisper fan Enermax powersuppy controlled with its own rheostat, and each of 4 built in cooling fans (two intake fans down low in the front, and one blowhole in the top center, and the 4th in the top back panel, all controlled with their own rheostat (via the very nicely constructed RheoBus 2.0, one can have all fans moving at a slow pace, which is generally much quieter than having fewer fans at full tilt.The Lian Li cases are good for about 5-7 degrees C temp drop over comparable sized steel cases. A very attractive feature in this case is that there are very few leaks and will therefore work well with this application where I am trying to use cool air from down under. The ambient room temp in this room in peak summer is about 82-84F.I just completed the shoe tonight, and it fits perf! I have the Lian Li, powersupply and RheoBus 2 so far. Still waiting for a 2.8GHz P4 if I can make it that far . . . Can't wait to test the sucker's cooliing potential. My goal was for quiet, cool and fast in all departments, file system notwithstanding. After all the research and queries, I am convinced the Cheetah X15 SCSI drive system will be a very nice asset to complement the rest of the system. I'm still not sure on which OS to use--Win2K Pro or XP Pro. I plan on using 1 GB of PC1066 RDRAM.The other pics are of the RheoBus 2.0. It fits into a free 5 1/4" bay faceplate. I chose the blue LEDs and anodozed silver knurled knobs to compliment the aluminum case.Noel

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