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Hi !I would like to know if anybody has expirience with vista 64 and FSX, 747 PMDG. I've ordered a new computer with vista 64 and 8 GB of Ram. On Youtube I saw a video of a guy who used Vista 64 and a good pc config. He tested the PMDG 747 and other planes and i mentioned massive flickering of the textures. Why is that? He was using DX 10 Preview, i've already heard about issues with it. Does this issue disappear when i disable DX10 PReview? OR is it generally with vista 64 and DX10? Anybody experienced it?What about the Performance in Vista 64 with 8GB of Ram and the 747? I don't know if i should change my config to 4Gb of ram and XP to get a better performance and to prevent issues with the textures.I'm happy to get response.CHris

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Chris,8GB of RAM is overkill in my opinion. FSX itself can't actually address that much RAM anyway, it's still a 32-bit application. The OS can use it for user address space, which does help cut down on OOM errors and the like, but I think 4GB is sufficient for that.DX10 Preview is useless if you ask me - it's slow and looks virtually the same as the DX9 renderer aside from cockpit self-shadows and some enhanced water effects. The 747 doesn't support the cockpit shadows because it would have required building a whole new VC model right after we'd just finished building the one that's there. That's way too much work just to support that one feature. The MD-11 I believe will support it though.I personally still use XP for simming and gaming, but I do know people have had good luck using Vista x64. I'd get one of the new video cards like the ATI 4870, which seems to have pretty mature Vista drivers at this point.

Ryan Maziarz

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Hi !Thanks for your fast reply. For me personally Vista 64 would be the favourite, i'm still asking myself if FSX and specially the 747 runs at least at the same speed as on WINXP. Another important thing is this texture failure seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JcasfKTEZAWhy is that? DX10 Issue? Vista business?ThanksChris

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Hi Ingo !What about this texture issue, is it because of DX10? Can it be solved by disabling the DX 10 Preview? What about the random crashes, do they appear when running FSX or generally?Hmm, maybe i should stay with WIN XP.Thanks Chris

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