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  1. Nice Work Holger! As always the question: Does it impact performance? Thanks in Advance. Chris Titz
  2. Hi Dan! Thanks for your quick response. Yes I have the actual version of the T7. What I see when the problem occurs is that hdg, alt and speed are not controlled anymore while the autopilot lights (AP, VNAV, LNAV) still remain illuminated. I'm using FS Real Time for 2 Reasons: 1. It syncronises the system time with FSX 2. It fixes the time zone problem in FS (According to the program, there is a time zone bug in fs which occurs when travelling through time zones. It says that a flight can end up having a wrong local time at the destination) I will have a try without FS Real Time. It's not that easy to reproduce the problem because it occurs only temporary. Thanks for your comments! Chris Titz
  3. Hi, I have a problem with the 777 which occurs temporary and i just want to know if someone else has it. The problem is that suddenly in flight the aircraft stops to hold course, speed and altitude. The Autopilot is still engaged, but it seems as it stopped to work. I opened a support ticket one year ago and the advice was to change CMOS battery to solve the problem. I tried it, but the problem was still there. I got a new computer but the problem still exists. I have one guess for a possible reason: FS Real Time. I'm using this program for a while now when flying through time zones. I'm using the program with other aircrafts like the 737ngx and the problem does not occur. I would appreciate any help to solve the problem. Thanks in advance! Chris
  4. Hi Alex!First of all, thanks for your fast reply !Wow you never had a OOM or CTD after installing the patch? It would just be great. By the way are you using the 32 or the 64 bit Vista? I want to use 4 GB of memory and heard that it wouldn't work on 32 bit Vista. Your Video Card seems to be very good, but i wanted to use a NVidia Card, hope it works as fast as yours. Well the issue with DX10 is a riddle for me, as i thought DX10, Vista and a DX10 Video Card would accelerate the FSX. Regarding to the Quad-Core CPU that i want to install i also think that Vista is the better platform. Did you ever try your system on XP?Thanks a lot.Christian
  5. Hi !I have a question regarding your PMDG OPS "747-400 FSX Technical Specs & Performance" page. There is a Performance Chart which compares several System Configurations and how they perform with FSX and the 747-400X. I saw that Machine 6 seems to be the system that performs best with the 747-400X. I'm a bit surprised cause this system is a vista system. I was mentioned before that Vista has a OOM Problem and less performance with FSX and the 747X. There is also no comparison between the same system running XP. Would it have less FPS? The CPU is a quad-core CPU, does this work better with VIsta? And what about the OOM Errors, did they appear.I ask all this questions because i want to buy a new system that runs FSX and 747-400X best and doesn't surprise me with CTD or OOM.Christian
  6. Hi !My Problems are that the 747 Load Editor and Aircraft Animations.When i set up the load with The Load editor, is doesn't take any effect to the load of my 747 in FSX. The FSX Status in the Load Editor also says disconnected even when i run fsx. Another Problem is that the Aircraft animations don't work. In fact: when i set the flaps, i can see how they move to 30
  7. Hi !Can somebody please explain me how to get a wingview on the 747? Which program do i need and how do i set it?Thanks a lot in advance.Chris
  8. HI !Some while ago, you wanted to release the Singapore Airlines livery for the queen as well as the updated version of Lufthansa by marc harrington.Are there still any plans to do this?Thanks a lot.Chris
  9. Hi !First of all, you did a great job on the 747F. The features are amazing.I've noticed that all 3 Engine Models are now completely simulated on the Eicas. Will the 747-400 also be updated with correct simulation of all 3 Engine variants?Thanks a lot.Chris
  10. Hi !I've heard that it should be possible to get Wingviews on the 747 with Active Camera.Can somebody please describe exactly how to get those Views? Or has anybody a saved view Configuration in Active Camera for me?I would Appreciate that.Thanks in Advance.Chris
  11. it has been a while since your last status update on the Lufthansa and Singapore Livery. How are the things going?When can we expect the liverys to be uploaded?Thanks a load and have a nice christmas time.Chris
  12. Allright, thanks for your reply. Looking forward to fly "The real one".Chris
  13. Hi Marc !Anything New about the Uplaod?Thanks a lot.Chris
  14. Hi Marc !Great News to hear...Did you already put it on the server?Thanks a lot.P.S.: Last minute Bayern won again.... :)Chris
  15. Hi !Can somebody please explain to me me exactly how do get a wing view with Active Camera? ( I do have the latest version)Thanks in advance.Chris
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