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Steve Dra

Do we need a custom PIC FAQ?

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Hey PIC'ersI saw that yet another person was having problems installing PIC to 2002, and Lee pointed him to the post that resolves it. (Thanks Lee, I was offline almost all day yesterday so I didn't see it until this morning)I have the instructions I created to resolve that problem on my hard drive (I don't want to type them up again :) ) As we all know, there are numerous questions that get asked here that would be well served by a FAQ. Based on the many private emails I get asking for help, I know that there are many users on this forum that rely on a lot of answers we provide here! :) (Side note: If you have emailed me for help in the past, you know that I will eventually reply, but I will also ask you to post the question in the forum. The main reason is that for every person who asks for an answer in an email to me, there may be 10 others who might have the same problem, and would benefit from seeing the answer in the forum. I know there are a lot of career lurkers here, and I lurk in many Computer hardware forums too, afraid to show my ignorance :-lol :-lol. But I will tell you that I have had hundreds of questions that I "WAS" going to ask...asked AND answered in those forums by some other brave soul that threw his question into the somtimes harsh and brutal Computer forums :))Unfortunately, I cannot organize this task due to real-world time constraints (and ignorance in setting up one), but I would be more than willing to submit the numerous tips I have provided in the past. I know most of the other contributors would much rather point someone to a FAQ, rather than reposting their answer, pointing someone to the link, or telling them what to search for on the forum. ;) My biggest problem is that I'll see a question, know I've seen the answer "somewhere", but can't even remember where or when I saw it. (A lot of times the answer I'm thinking of is not this forum, so a search would be frivolous) If there is already something like this in place and I don't know about it, please let me know so I can add my info to the FAQ (I did a forum search for FAQ and did not come up with anything interesting). I know Wilco has one, but I don't if it gets updated frequently or contains many of the more common things we run into.If someone could host the FAQ, we could just direct the relevant questions to it, saving time, bandwidth and frustration. :)Regards,Steve Dra

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