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Does EndItAll2 run OK under XP Home edition? {nt}

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You do not need to run it or any memory managers. XP may load with tons of processes, but unless culled (asked to work) they are using zero resources. I have 32 loaded everytime including AV....I play 7 different sims just great, all maxed on a Athlon XP 1700 (OC'd to XP2000), 768MB DDR, and a GeForce 2-Ti 64MB. Not exactly earth shattering PC.Forget all the bandaids and crap you needed with the Win9X OS's (Win95/98/ME) This is a new ball game. XP is based on the NT kernal..true, full 32Bit OS. Real memory management. Protected Kernal. My work PC (700Mhz P3, 256Mb) run NT4.0, I often have 10-15 applications open....I never have to reboot or anything. Try that with Win98! Have fun!

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