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  1. Not been here in awhile, thought I'd share a cool story. (been with C-17 for over 20yrs) I don't have FSX yet, was thinking doing proper Airdrops would be kinda cool....if done right. Weight shift, fuel burn, all that stuff...
  2. >You lucky "dawg". Yea, read a good article about the last>717 coming off the line there. Took some photos of the>buildings and that famous neon "fly jets" sign. Any idea what>they plan to do with those? Tear 'em down I suspect and make>more commercial/retail space :( >>P.S. - Must love your work!I hope they save that sign, maybe stick it in a Museum or something. Means alot to many folks.Been lucky to witness many a "first flight"...C-17T-45MD-11MD-90MD-95 (B717)777 (when I spent a year up north on the 747/767 lines)Far as I know all that side is going to commercial developement. I remember in the early 90's when we over 60K employees across the Long Beach sites, hourly shuttle buses from one to another. Now where down to around 8K I think.....much smaller work force. (though on C-17 much more efficient)
  3. Hi all!I work for Boeing C-17 in Long Beach. We also own this I found out yesterday I get to spend a good hour and half in the full motion 717 Simulator in a couple weeks. Since I don't often fly the big stuff (though of course the 717 is one of the smallest of the big iron) I thought it would be best if I practiced some and got more familar with the panel. That way I would more enjoy the entire simulator experience and spend less time learning, though I expect plenty of that!What timing too...since we are delivering the last one later this month. Hopeing to attend that ceremony also.....The last SoCal Commercial JET.....sad times. Panel Pic included below....Thanks!JET
  4. JETninja

    Long Beach Airport question

    Hey Shez!While your at it I hope your updating the C-17 Buildings also. I've been working here since '87, your pretty close in some of it, off a lot on other parts. If you need some pics or something send me an email. jetninja at gmail dot com. What would be neat is a time switch, see the old one with all of our old production buildings if flying a couple years past, then all gone in current timeline....
  5. JETninja

    Moving Trains

    Train busting I did in CFS3 a few years back. (default rails...can tell cause they are too big. Fixed later..)
  6. Used to work fine, as of yesterday it stopped. (its starting with '03 date now) I have been messing with the .cfg a tad trying to optimize a bit. Don't think I touched anything that would affect that, but no idea. Any help most welcome. Thanks!
  7. I never said anything about using it for textures. Only for more accurate placement of objects. The detail is totally prevelant on the Sat used. In my local area, Catalina Island has no Field data at all, but San Louis Obisbo field is awesome! That's all! Find out the shapes and placement of buildings, trees, roads, rails, parking lots, etc.....if your lucky enough the field your working on has detail in google earth.Cheers!
  8. Maybe old news to a few of you, I search back a ways and saw nothing about it. And nothing about it in the scenery guide! A free download, Google Earth takes the images from many satelite databases, with terrain information, and tons of options to show borders, streets, AIRPORTS, and much much more. You can Zoom from Space to 76 feet above the ground! You can tilt, rotate, move in any direction. The images vary in detail depending on the date and Sat used. (it shows my house from a year ago, before I redid the concrete of my its green! Ha Ha. Can see the wife Minvan in the driveway too) So how can it help in Scenery design? Object placement more then anything. It shows airports (and cities!) down to the local small field level including historical ones and heliports. Taking into account that the image may be a year old, you have Buildings, Trees, Towers, you name it. 3D Terrain and Buildings too! Incredible detail in most cases. And its WORLD WIDE!!!!Go here to download it: (even a Mac version)Download and install, look through all the options and check the ones that you want. It's an amazing program, and I think it would be invaluble to scenery design of modern day airports, scenery. Take some time to play with it, its very powerful and fun too! When you have airports selected, just find an icon on one and double click, it will take you down to it automatically. Use the tilt and rotate features to check out approches and all the scenery.PS, theres even an FS app, "Flips" that can show your flight plan routes in 3D on the globe! How cool!
  9. Got several here at KLGB, along with most every other type. (Both Gulfstream and JETWAY services centers here) I like to watch them depart while I'm eating lunch. (work at Boeing)
  10. Bump for ya! KSNA is my home Airport, and I work at KLGB (for Boeing..C-17!)
  11. ...on the way to the Paint Hanger....
  12. luck, the more the better. I helped to get a unit started with AlphaSim, but it didn't pan out. Since then I've been too busy in Racing Sims and burnt out a bit on FS. Back soon I'm sure though...
  13. JETninja

    B-17 & FS2004?

    You can get a near as good as the MAAM (he was on the Team for years till a falling out between partners) at Roy's site. The Mitchell Mark III, He has versions for CFS2/FS2002/FS2004.... Its big...59MB...he does offer it on CD
  14. From our online Boeing News this morning....