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  1. The textures can be found in the root texture folder. Look for the ones that end "_C".
  2. This is one of the best bits of advice there is. At some point in the future it will save you a lot of hair loss!
  3. I did the FSX conversion of the Viking for Lionheart and in the process did some improvements to it over the FS9 version. It was a fun project and I enjoyed working with him. At some point a few years ago he pulled it from the market and all I got from him was that it had something to do about a "technical issue". At the time I decided to let it go. I have no idea why it is no longer available.
  4. Why have you not engaged in other forums such as Flightsim, Sim Outhouse, or Simviation? You did take a crack at involving FSDeveloper but there was no real follow through.They are part of the "community" to me. I'm a developer. Tell me specifically what tools will be required to develop content for your sim. Then tell me what the requirements will be if I wish to provide a freeware plane for your sim. After that, I need to understand the requirements to market a payware release. In terms of payware content, what is the breakdown in terms of who gets a percentage of what?
  5. That is a very good looking model! One bit of advice I would offer as someone that has been modeling for a very long time...get it exported into the sim. Renders are cool, but there is a lot of stuff that comes into play when you get a plane in-sim that can give you a lot of clean-up work to do. The best practice would be to first have the export procedure working, and then check your work as you go.
  6. Over time I have decided to not be active here for a lot of reasons. However, when I see my name in a thread I feel obligated to say something. I started working on the XLS around May of 2013. At the time I was supplied with the files of a model that had been started by someone else. After evaluating the mesh I determined that the best course of action was to start from scratch. At that time I was doing the XLS. I had most of the panel work done when it was decided that we wanted to go with the XLS+. That required a total rework of the VC panels. As I do this stuff in my spare time my ability to work on it revolves around my real world life. My real-world job tends to incur a fair amount of overtime, and in the last year I also had to deal with my Dad's failing health. I lost him right after Christmas. He was the one that instilled into me things like paying attention to details, which is why this project has taken so long to grind out. He was also the reason I got the aviation bug. He made planes as a hobby. I got into developing when I realized that there were tools available that would let me re-create the planes he made and fly them on a computer. As I work a project I am always learning a better way to do certain things. When that happens I look at what I have already done and upgrade as needed. While it may be frustrating to those that want to fly it yesterday I will work it until I determine that I can't get it any better than what I see today. That day is getting close. I am creating something that people are going to spend money on. It has to be the best product I can provide. I take that seriously, and if that means you have to wait until I determine that I have reached that goal that's the way it is. I hope that you understand.
  7. Go to the source...http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forums/modelconverterx.87/
  8. You've made the accusation. Make your case...especially regarding the advertising bit.
  9. At that price you couldn't even put a pilot in it. Really?
  10. Thanks Ray, I think he'd have to work earlier than normal...
  11. The XLS+ is getting close. I realize that really doesn't say anything, but as the guy staring at it almost every night for the last 3 years nobody wants it finished more than I do!
  12. Early in this thread you whined about the fact that it was a closed beta, and as fast as you could get your hands on a link you took it upon yourself to make it an open beta which was obviously not what the owner of the code wanted. That said, I'm out.
  13. I'll respectfully disagree with that. He knew exactly what he was doing based on how he is defending his actions.
  14. Tell us some more about that password you got to start this whole debacle.
  15. If you are asking that question it's a waste of my time to answer it. That's okay, because the moderators here are aware of what you did. They don't like that sort of thing here...
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