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The Avsim Store needs some more virtual bricks

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I have been holding off pre-ordering FS2004 through Avsim - Full Retail price never gets me very excited but on the other hand I do want to support the Avsim effort and its fine staff.So tonight I broke down and decided to try to The Right Thing... I enter my info, I get to the credit card part - and then I click on the "what's this?" button regarding the credit card CVD number or whatever it's called. I read that info, and then I click the "Close This Window" button like an idiot - BAM the browser THAT HAD ALL OF MY ENTERED DATA is gone and I have to enter it again. Apparently in Internet Explorer that button results in a pop-up but it didn't for me... I'm running Netscape 7.x - please do not assume that everyone is running Internet Explorer. If you are going to assume that, then do the really annoying thing of not letting any other browser access the Avsim Store.While I'm on my soapbox, let me say that I am always annoyed when ordering something on the web that makes me enter all of my credit card info before I can see the shipping and so-called "handling" charge - over-enthusiastic handling charges have caused me to cancel more than one web-originated order in the past and I would prefer not to have to enter confidential data just to get to that magic (or not) number.All I'm hoping for now is that you'll ship on the 28th - just like Amazon.com is advertising - and that I'll get the metal can version. Hint hint 8^) .Thanks for listening, Dave BlevinsSan Jose, CA

System: Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 mobo *** i7 2700K @ 5gHz w/ Corsair H80 cooler

NVidia GTX 570 OC *** 8 GB 1600 Corsair Vengeance DRAM *** CoolerMaster HAF X case

System overclocked and tuned for FSX by fs-gs.com

Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog stick/throttle & CH Products Pro Pedals

Various GoFlight panels *** PFC avionics stack

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I have to agree that the Store is lacking in some respects:There is no way to get the status of your order. Every other site I deal with offers this. Big hole!The requirement of forcing confidential info entry before divulging shipping data is wrong.The whole software package seems to be old and outdated. It is the kind of operation that makes me nervous. Yes I know the customer service response these days is - if I don't like it go elsewhere.A bright spot is that the thing is down and allegedly being upgraded. Let's see if they loose any orders. Avsim could have chosen a better store front company.Dick


Dick near Pittsburgh, USA

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