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  1. Once again, sorry about my late reply. I don't spend much time on Avsim anymore. No excluded folders that I am aware of. I use the wonderful Addons Linker to manage stuff. https://flightsim.to/file/1572/msfs-addons-linker Edit: I have LNM on two machines. Until very recently I was not using Addons Linker on the laptop that I do flight planning on, so the Community folder the default one. And those airports don't show up for me there either -- and neither does GCRS.
  2. This is admittedly a corner case, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I flight plan in LNM on my laptop, save the files to OneDrive (Microsoft cloud storage), and then load the plan on my simulator PC's LNM from OneDrive. Almost every night when I'm not using the system, LNM at some point fails to get the wx with an "unknown error 99". Thereafter, when I try to connect to the simulator PC with VNCViewer, the connection gets broken over and over, about every two or so seconds, until I exit of out LNM on the simulator PC. Thereafter the VNC connection works as it should. I'm not asking for a fix but it's such an unusual bug that I wanted you to know about it.
  3. I am currently flying some flight plans that follow the old Route 66 road in the US. I don't have the fortitude to do them in a single setting, so what I do is land at an airport somewhere near a waypoint, delete all of the previous ones, and save out a new plan for "next time". (These FP's have hundreds of WPs, so that the alignment of the Mother Road can be accurately followed.) The problem is, the author of these flight plans uses waypoint numbers to describe interesting things on the flight (this is the one I'm doing right now: https://flightsim.to/file/5983/get-your-kicks-above-route-66-oklahoma-3). But LNM resets the WP numbers to start with WP1 when I delete the WPs I've flown over, so it's not straightforward to follow his route description. This might be a corner case that would not be taken advantage of by other pilots, but I thought I'd bring it up.
  4. Update: It worked today for a flight that I did, and in most cases is now showing up for my logbook entries. Let me try to figure out what changed/going on.
  5. Yesterday I opened a few logbook entries and could see the dotted aircraft trail lines. But today, it's not working, and I have the "show simulator aircraft trail" box turned on. Is there something else that needs to be done to make them visible? All I see is the blue line from departure to destination. In the Information > Logbook pane I see a bunch of entries in the Route Description, e.g. Route Description: KMDW N0100A025 4152N08737W 4154N08736W 4153N08737W 4153N08737W 4153N08737W 4153N08738W 4153N08739W 4153N08739W 4153N08740W 4152N08741W 4152N08742W 4151N08745W 4149N08748W 4149N08748W 4149N08749W 4148N08749W 4147N08751W (etc.) 3846N09011W KSTL So it appears that the trail data is still there. I must be doing something dumb. That is on my "remote" machine that I do flight planning on. The LNM on my flight sim PC is working properly. I've compared their configurations/options and do not see any discrepancies.
  6. Sorry I didn't see your note until now -- I need to figure out how to turn on email notifications for the forums. HPG1: https://flightsim.to/file/19649/hpg1-dabob-bay-research-development-airport RSP1: https://flightsim.to/file/15067/bottom-grand-canyon-lz-desert-refuel-station
  7. Thanks. I'm not sure what's going on -- the (freeware, so theoretically not encrypted) add-on for the HPG1 airport has a runway and helipads. No matter; I just created userpoints for both.
  8. I have added a couple fictional airports to MSFS -- one by the Hype Group ("HPG1") and a heliport in the Grand Canyon ("RSP1", by the RotorSimPilot dude). They are not represented in LNM -- is this because LMN is using a database file that pre-dates me adding those? If so, how do I update?
  9. OK I figured it out, I think. The database files did not match between the two machines. Since you mention this in the instructions, my apologies for wasting your time. I thought they would match since my two MSFS installations are essentially identical, but they did not. Thanks Alex!
  10. Yesterday I started a flight in FS, turned on the autopilot, and then looked at LNM on the remote (laptop) machine. It said "Connected" in the status bar at the bottom. LN Connect on the PC shows that the laptop is connected I just tried it again, and right now my flight is on autopilot, but there is no airplane in LNM on the laptop. In the status bar it says "No position" even though it says "Connected" to the left of that.
  11. I have a gaming PC and laptop on the same network (wireless). I have LittleNavMap on both machines, and Little NavConnect on the PC (where I run MSFS). When I start up Little NavConnect, it shows "connected to simulator" after I start MSFS, and when I do Tools > Toggle Flight Simulator Connection on the laptop, it shows "Connected" on the status bar, and the PC's Little NavConnect shows [2021-11-20 15:20:20] Connection from Predator.attlocal.net ( I have "Show simulator aircraft position" enabled on the laptop, but I don't see an airplane and doing a "center" on it does nothing. What am I missing? thanks, Dave
  12. (This is all in preparation for trying to get LNM to work with FS2020.) I have Prepar3D v4 installed, and my freshly installed LNM detected P3D's scenery database, but the connection dialog only shows XPlane and remote connection. Did I miss a configuration step? danke, Dave.
  13. I, too am in shock. Just a few months ago, Michael helped me get my run-of-the-mill new PC build running at 5gHz, 100% reliably. I am certain that FSX performs as well as is possible on my machine due to his expertise. He was certainly an Individual, and his "do you understand?" 's occasionally grated on me, but he really did know his stuff, and his service was a bargain at what he charged. He had a very dry sense of humor that I will really miss too. I hope he's "somewhere" running FSX-2 at its 200% reality setting, dogfighting with his FS buds at an unshakeable 120fps. I will always think of him when flying the Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco, which he had high regard for; it's one of my favorite FSX aircraft. He even got my MS Flight installation working as well as it could, at no additional charge. A class act to be sure! I'm kinda ###### that I had no idea that he was sick, but -- that was Michael. Fly high and smooth, good man. You cannot be replaced by anyone in the FS community. I won't forget your contributions to my FS experience over the last few years. Dave B. San Jose, CA
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