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  1. (This is all in preparation for trying to get LNM to work with FS2020.) I have Prepar3D v4 installed, and my freshly installed LNM detected P3D's scenery database, but the connection dialog only shows XPlane and remote connection. Did I miss a configuration step? danke, Dave.
  2. I, too am in shock. Just a few months ago, Michael helped me get my run-of-the-mill new PC build running at 5gHz, 100% reliably. I am certain that FSX performs as well as is possible on my machine due to his expertise. He was certainly an Individual, and his "do you understand?" 's occasionally grated on me, but he really did know his stuff, and his service was a bargain at what he charged. He had a very dry sense of humor that I will really miss too. I hope he's "somewhere" running FSX-2 at its 200% reality setting, dogfighting with his FS buds at an unshakeable 120fps. I will always think of him when flying the Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco, which he had high regard for; it's one of my favorite FSX aircraft. He even got my MS Flight installation working as well as it could, at no additional charge. A class act to be sure! I'm kinda ###### that I had no idea that he was sick, but -- that was Michael. Fly high and smooth, good man. You cannot be replaced by anyone in the FS community. I won't forget your contributions to my FS experience over the last few years. Dave B. San Jose, CA
  3. My apologies for letting my cynicism get the best of me, then.best regards,Dave.
  4. OK, point taken about "simulating flight". Perhaps what rankles me about these news items is that I see "freeware airplane" listed in the headlines of the main page; historically most if not all freeware aircraft mentioned there have been for MSFS. All in all I suppose this is a minor thing but I've never been one to hold back my opinion when something annoys me 8^) .FWIW I own the Realflight R/C simulator, and have considered delving into the hobby more times than I can count... But it's not like I need yet another expensive pastime.cheers,Dave.>Hi Dave,>>This is just my own opinion as a member and not an official>Avsim reply.. no idea right off if this is freeware or a>commercial product they bought space for... someone from that>department will reply I'm sure.>>There is a large and increasing number of us that fly radio>controlled aircraft and are members of Avsim, we even have a>forum devoted to it, more and more R/Cers are using simulators>for various reasons.>>I have to say, an R/C simulator does simulate flight, you just>view the flight from the ground and the aircraft are smaller..>(or even full size if you like them that large) :-) >>Some even let you fly from the cockpit if you don't want to>simulate R/C flight.>>Also have to add, IMO, I'm glad there are commercial>software/hardware places that DO buy advertisements and blurbs>on Avsim, otherwise members might just have to foot the bills>around here. :-eek >>Best,
  5. I have seen more than a few Pre-Flight news items come across the wire over the last few weeks.I have two problems with these blurbs: (1) they aren't really flight simulation news items - they are *R/C* simulation news items, which I have not seen before on Avsim over the last five or more years, and (2) they are not really "freeware" since the hosting application is, as far as I can tell, a payware product (notwitstanding than the "free" demo version). Therefore, I will submit that these items are mis-represented and not really germane to what most folks here are interested in.My cynical side tells me that advertising revenue is involved, but I hope that I'm proven wrong.cheers,Dave Blevins
  6. I have been reading Avsim for ten years or more, and it *always* rankles me when the apostrophe is mis-used on the main page or in reviews. I know I'm anal about this, but - aren't y'all journalists? Aren't journalists expected to be able to use the English language properly? (Disclaimer: I can't, because I was raised in West Virginia... That's my story etc. etc.)I am by no means a journalist or an English major (my field was engineering) but it distresses me to see a popular site perpetuate all-too-common grammatical and punctuation errors. IMO it's killing our language, softly (anyone here old enough to remember that song?).E.g.: "Flight Illusion is proud to present it's latest addition"...etc.I see this all the time on Avsim, and about every five occurances I get annoyed enough to post about it 8^) .thanks,Dave Blevins
  7. >I have certainly posted about this on multiple sites, that it>was a design decision to not have 2D panels. Well, like I said, I definitely missed that - but I was too busy at work to really follow a lot of the Acceleration pre-release back and forth for a while.I cornered one of the MS guys at the Avsim conference last weekend about this (and for the record, he said that he agreed with me) but I'll say it again: Please do not abandon the concept of 2D panels. I understand that perhaps in FS-XI the included planes might not have 2D panels anymore (which would really suck, to be honest, but I know that I'm not representative of the typical at-Costco FS impulse buyer) but I would hope that the tools for aftermarket developers to make 2D panels would not be abandoned.And, I'm also hoping that this moving away from 2D panels by MS does not give the impression to the aftermarket folks that this is OK. It's not.thanks for the response, Dave Blevins
  8. I have both, although I haven't flown the ESDG one in a long time, and haven't flown the Wilco one since a few days after I got it - probably three months ago.My experience is that the Wilco version is bugged. I spent a LONG time (approximately an afternoon!) trying to get both engines started... I read the forums... etc. etc. and then got distracted by something or another. Haven't tried it since, but I have to say I mostly regret the purchase. It seemed unfinished to me.Others have had better luck, but that's my story an' I'm stickin' to it.I believe that ESDG is supposed to release an updated version with a functional FMS but they've been pretty quiet about it recently as far as I know.Ron, any comments? 8^) Dave Blevins
  9. Thanks Bill - although I didn't ask the original question, I will use your template as a guide to add panels to the Acc. a/c.BTW my "incomplete" comment was made from the perspective that default FS aircraft have always had 2D cockpits, and I certainly expected a payware addon *by Microsoft" to have 'em. Due to the way I have my hardware setup (projector for front view, monitor below that for instruments) 3D cockpits don't really work for me. I was really looking forward to a glorious 2D panel for the Merlin - had I known it was not forthcoming I would've been ranting about it a long time ago. If it was mentioned somewhere early on that Acceleration would not have 2D cockpits, I certainly missed it.cheers,Dave.
  10. Bill, I always enjoy and respect your posts here, but that's a bit harsh. I've been doing the MS-FS thing for quite a while but I am still not conversant on hacking .cfg files. IMO the FS-X-A aircraft are in an unfinished state, as compared to the original FS-X ones, and we shouldn't have to become config file experts to get what we've always gotten "for free".Dave Blevins
  11. As someone who almost never flies with the 3d cockpit models in FS-X, I am fairly disappointed at the lack of 2d cockpits in the Accelerando aircraft, esp. the EH-101.ACES, please do not assume that everyone out there will be satisfied with 3d-only cockpits. They don't work at all with multi-monitor setups that attempt to partially emulate split instrument/out-the-window views (as mine does).thanks,Dave BlevinsP.S. if you're wondering, I'm plugging one of my favorite authors (Charles Stross) above, who wrote "Accelerando" a while back and made it available for free download for PalmOS, etc. I couldn't resist taking advantage of the slight misspelling of Acceleration 8^) .
  12. SMS/text messaging is the beginning of the end of the English language as we know it. It's a sad thing...Dave Blevins
  13. Interesting... My first response was also "dude, just google it!" but I have to admit that the subsequent listing of add-ons was quite useful to me - e.g. I have been wondering what this FEX thing is all about but I've been too busy to research it. So... Maybe someone should start an FSX TLA FAQ PDQ, AFAICT! ROTFLMAO. SOBNR (Sort Of But Not Really).Dave BlevinsTLA/FLA Master Chief
  14. Outstanding effort - for me, it is (again) the best FS video I've ever seen. Thanks for the effort.Dave Blevins
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