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FS10 forum trouble...

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Dear Senior Staff of Avsim,First, long time avsim user (older name KDFW but forgot password), purchaser of *many* products offered by the sponsors, and FS user since the subLogic FS days...I'm rather alarmed at the state of affairs in the FS10 forum. Over the past couple of days, the said forum mostly degenerated into bickering session (see high-hit threads) and now threats of banishment of users for not espousing a certain point of view.We all appreicate civil discussion of what's on the minds of the user base and hope to learn/help each other. That's why I like Avsim and support it, but I think things are getting out of hand.I think its problematic when a moderator has a strong point of view on a topic (and states it all too often) and is expected to act in the best interest of the forum.Well, you may or may not post this opinion, but at least you read it. I wasn't about to say anything in the FS10 forum for the fear of being called something and get banished :(PatAMD Opteron DC 185 @ 3GHz, Zalman7700Cu cooler, Corsair XMS 2GB DDR, 7800GS-OC, Asus A8V MoBo, RaptorHDD, TrackIR4, CH FSYoke+TQ+peds, Eclipse RED KB, WinXP-sp2

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