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NG8861 ZRH-PUJ B767-300/ER

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-ADEP LSZH-ADES MDPC-ARCID LDA8861-ARCTYP B763-CEQPT SDEGIRWXY-EOBD 020920-EOBT 0920-RALT EINN LPLA TXKF TJSJ-REG OELAY-RMK DAT SV AGCS-SEQPT SD-SEL EKGR-SRC FPL-WKTRC H-TTLEET 0926-RFL F300-SPEED N0474-FLTRUL I-FLTTYP N-ROUTE N0474F300 HOC UL856 PENDU/N0471F310 UL856 DJL/N0468F320 UH10 BERAP UA1 RBT UL851 LGL UN491 KOKOS/N0463F340 UN491 RUSIB UN484 REGHI/M080F340 UN480 ETIKI/M080F340 DCT 48N010W 46N020W 40N030W/M080F360 34N040W 30N050W/M080F390 25N060W DCT THANK/N0459F390 DCT KATOK W12 PNA DCT-ALTRNT1 MDSD-EETFIR LFFF 0013-EETFIR EGGX 0140-EETFIR LPPO 0255-EETFIR KZNY 0517-EETFIR TJZS 0818-EETFIR MDCS 0914-EETPT GEO01 0150-EETPT GEO02 0242-EETPT GEO03 0353-EETPT *3440 0517-EETPT GEO05 0634-GEO -GEOID GEO01 -LATTD 480000N -LONGTD 0100000W-GEO -GEOID GEO02 -LATTD 460000N -LONGTD 0200000W-GEO -GEOID GEO03 -LATTD 400000N -LONGTD 0300000W-GEO -GEOID GEO05 -LATTD 300000N -LONGTD 0500000W-GEO -GEOID GEO06 -LATTD 250000N -LONGTD 0600000W-BEGIN RTEPTS -PT -PTID LSZH -FL F000 -ETO 020920092000 -PT -PTID HOC -FL F221 -ETO 020920092818 -PT -PTID *LSF3 -FL F269 -ETO 020920093111 -PT -PTID MOROK -FL F300 -ETO 020920093418 -PT -PTID PENDU -FL F300 -ETO 020920093741 -PT -PTID *1DIJ -FL F310 -ETO 020920093841 -PT -PTID DERAK -FL F310 -ETO 020920094048 -PT -PTID DJL -FL F310 -ETO 020920094249 -PT -PTID CHABY -FL F320 -ETO 020920095026 -PT -PTID *UH10 -FL F320 -ETO 020920095216 -PT -PTID OKRIX -FL F320 -ETO 020920095255 -PT -PTID TELBO -FL F320 -ETO 020920095812 -PT -PTID MLN -FL F320 -ETO 020920095834 -PT -PTID BERAP -FL F320 -ETO 020920095920 -PT -PTID RBT -FL F320 -ETO 020920100318 -PT -PTID SOTOR -FL F320 -ETO 020920100428 -PT -PTID LGL -FL F320 -ETO 020920101111 -PT -PTID GALBO -FL F320 -ETO 020920101521 -PT -PTID KOKOS -FL F320 -ETO 020920102257 -PT -PTID BETUV -FL F340 -ETO 020920103046 -PT -PTID RUSIB -FL F340 -ETO 020920103427 -PT -PTID REGHI -FL F340 -ETO 020920105830 -PT -PTID ETIKI -FL F340 -ETO 020920110229 -PT -PTID GEO01 -FL F340 -ETO 020920110907 -PT -PTID GEO02 -FL F340 -ETO 020920120527 -PT -PTID GEO03 -FL F340 -ETO 020920132024 -PT -PTID *3440 -FL F360 -ETO 020920143943 -PT -PTID GEO05 -FL F390 -ETO 020920155402 -PT -PTID GEO06 -FL F390 -ETO 020920171442 -PT -PTID MDPC -FL F000 -ETO 020920184600-END RTEPTS -ATSRT UL856 HOC PENDU-RFL F310 PENDU-SPEED N0471 PENDU-ATSRT UL856 PENDU DJL-RFL F320 DJL-SPEED N0468 DJL-ATSRT UH10 DJL BERAP-ATSRT UA1 BERAP RBT-ATSRT UL851 RBT LGL-ATSRT UN491 LGL KOKOS-RFL F340 KOKOS-SPEED N0463 KOKOS-ATSRT UN491 KOKOS RUSIB-ATSRT UN484 RUSIB REGHI-RFL F340 REGHI-MACH M080 REGHI-ATSRT UN480 REGHI ETIKI-DCT ETIKI GEO01-RFL F360 GEO03-MACH M080 GEO03-RFL F390 GEO05-MACH M080 GEO05-RFL F390 THANK-SPEED N0459 THANKCheers

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