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  1. Hey Marius! It's very sad news that you are planning not to do anymore ATR repaints. Still I'm very grateful for the great ones you did. Michael
  2. Hey Marius! Thanks a lot for the Air Serbia repaint! It looks fantastic. Best regards, Michael
  3. Hey Marius! Have you considered Air Serbia? Best regards, Michael
  4. Hey Marius! First off, thanks a lot for your fantastic repaints! Is there a chance to have the "95 years" sticker added to the OK-GFQ Czech Airlines repaint? Keep up your great work! Best regards, Michael
  5. hey bryan! thank you for your prompt reply. uninstalling the realtek audio driver and asus sonic suite seemed to have cured the problem. fs2crew works perfectly again. thanks again for your support! regards, michael
  6. hey folks! after a new install of fsx, pmdg 737ngx, pmdg 777 and majestic q400 as well as the bundle versions of fs2crew for all of them in windows 10 i am not able to enable voice recognition in fsx. the voice button stays on steadily and the green bar "voice recognition activated" is displayed on fs2crew startup. i have the latest version of fsuipc, ezca 2 and trackir5 installed. all windows 10 speech recognition settings are verified to be set as indicated in the manual (speech language is english us). in the windows audio devices settings realtek high definition loudspeakers are set as the default device for playback. my logitech usb headset h340 is selected as the default communication device for playback and recording. all sound tests outside of fsx are ok. i made sure to use the right fs2crew voice commands according to the manuals, still the green bar does not appear in fsx although setting up my microphone for speech recognition as well as the speech trainings work flawlessly. i made sure that both soft and hard mute are turned off. as soon as i have turned on the voice mode after a reinstall of fs2crew when trying to switch to button mode fsx crashes. the tasks in the speech recognition engine log are all succeeded. i would greatly appreciate your kind advice. regards, michael
  7. hey matt! thank you very much for your quick reply and your effort! regards, michael
  8. hey! are there any plans for a repaint of thai airways in their regular livery? best regards, michael
  9. hey all! are there different engine options for the PMDG 737NGX (as for the ifly 737)? best regards, michael
  10. Hey all!Where can I find a repaint of Condor's B757-300 in their new livery (Thomas Cook colourscheme with Condor titles)? Thanks for your advice.Michael
  11. Hey Steve!Thank you for your prompt reply. I am looking forward to the liveries.Michael
  12. Dear PSS team!Thank you very much for your work on the B777 and your continuous efforts. The download links to the liveries have not yet been activated. Please have a look into it.Best regards,Michael Berger
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