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  1. Hi, I get the error "simconnect problem: no user aircraft position update recieved for the last 120 seconds..." only a short distance from my destination airport, so that it isn't filled with aircraft/traffic since a few flights with newer versions of PSXT, don't know when it started. May I ask a maybe "stupid" question: Is v18.7 for P3Dv4.5 HF3 also ("64 bit version for Prepar3D v5") or do I need an older version? In FSUIPC all positions in [Traffic Limiter] are set to 0. Greetings, Andreas
  2. Hi, when on ground to disconnect external power and air conditioning unit I don't get an answer to "Cockpit to ground" anymore. But I can tell to disconnect, that works. Of course are "Service Interphone" on and "SVC" set as in the NGX. Tested only in SOP1 Voice control. Can you solve the issue? Greetings, Andreas
  3. Trank you, will try it. Sorry, that doesn’t work. When zooming in I get dotted grid with nothing in it.
  4. Hi there, I wonder why Trondheim-Vaernes from Aerosoft (Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0 1.03) is not showing up in Little Navmap. All my other sceneries are found via "Load Scenery Library". ORBX Norway is installed. Does anyone have the same issue and maybe a solution? Thanks in advance, Andreas
  5. Hi Nico, any chance to get back the possibility to run PSXT without a data provider (RT)? Greetings, Andreas
  6. Just got the solution with help from ImagineSim. It’s also written in the installation instructions ;o) Uninstall any previous version of WSSS. Restart and exit the Sim. Reinstall WSSS and start the Sim again. That worked for me.
  7. Does anyone know how to get rid of the default buildings at WSSS (ImagineSim)?
  8. Hi, on the AuraSim-Site I get the message "This Account has been suspended." Please repair. Thank you and greetings, Andreas
  9. Hi kiek, it may be a dumb question that I found no answer about yet: Wouldn't it be possible, to use FlightRadar24-Data instead of RealTraffic? Greetings, Andreas
  10. Hi byork, a small hint: in the FS2Crew Control Panel it's 3.1 yet. ;-)
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