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For the second night yesterday I was trying to get from EGKK to EHAM @CRZ FL250 in my ES's Hawker and CJ1 multiple times. My airplanes were knocked down from the sky (overstressed) by periodic gushes that seemed more like the sudden God's hand (forgive my comparison) rather, than a weather phenomenon. I checked the winds were from the west @65knots at that FL and about 50knots starting from FL110. I always have smoothing on. Generally, strong wind shifts happen even every short flight 3-4 times with AS engaged. And it kills motivation of using AS and flying FSX in general. When I use periodic weather updates inside the game, wind gushes and shears seem to become more acceptable. I'm using FSX SP1 yet, and unfortunately I have not heard anything is changed in respect of weather in FSX SP2. Guys, pls advise your recommendations and tips. I know for the beginning I'll need to untick 'overstress can cause damage'. What's next: wait till AS SP3, install FSX SP2, or quit AS, or roll back install FS9+AS 6.5 again? :)Thanks.

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>Hi Dirk,>>Can you please try with smoothing off? Are virtual stations on>or off? You may want to try with these off then on and see if>there is a difference.>>Thanks,>Jim>Thanks Jim. I checked and found the following boxes ticked:x - Automatic Weather Downloadsx - Enable VATSIM Downloadsx - Force High Priority Processesx - Depict Hurricanesx - Create Visual Stationsx - Enhance Route Coveragex - Enable SkyScape Modex - Enable Wind SmoothingDo you think Depict Hurricanes option could have been the problem? BTW I see too many lightnings in Europe for this season of the year.For what it matters, Download Interval is @ 10min, and Dynamic Rate of Change is @50@.Also, guys, is anyone using Enable Visibility Graduation and Enable Fog Layer Simulation? What is the advantage/disadvantage? Thanks.

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