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The muttiplayer issue - Final Call

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Hi all,After spending quite a few hours with Network Monitor, I must reluctantly admit that this problem can't be solved for this year's race. Oh, we could probably get all of Team Avsim running so we can all join with each other, but it only takes 1 other guy with less than desireable security settings to cause at least some people not being able to connect. So who are the unlucky ones? Well, it's the ones with the most secure systems! Their firewall will silently drop network packages deemed to be hacking attempts. But who on earth is sending these packages, then? Why, that's the same kind of systems: Highly secure, possibly more than one firewall, and they are doing all kinds of tricks to mask the true IP and ports of the originating system.So, in our attempt to make our systems more secure, we have also created incompatibilities beween them. How to solve this? I guess we have to lower the security. By that I mean: If your hardware (router) has a good firewall, don't use Zonealarm, Norton or other software firewalls at the same time. If your router doesn't have a good firewall, use it ONLY as a router and use a good software firewall instead. Whether you use a hardware or software firewall, you WILL NEED to open the correct ports (see Chris' post on this!). If you can't open the ports in question (e.g free Zonealarm doesn't allow you to open individual ports), you will either be in trouble or cause trouble.In a perfect world, we wouldn't be needing firewalls. In a perfect world the firewalls we have are ALL correctly set up. In a perfect world, anyone will be able to join MP at any time.This is not a perfect world.I rest my case - and my network monitor...BRGDSSven Sorensen, EKCH

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