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Hawaii Dillingham X review

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The recent review of this scenery was well done. I had it in hand for a while, but hadn't installed it while waiting for my new system. Now its up and running, and I am using UTX-USA, FSG US and world mesh, Megascenery Honolulu X along with the Dillingham X product, and they all play together very nicely.Since PHDH is mainly a soaring field, I wsa interested in this apsect, but the review didn't look into it at all. So I began some experiments of my own. I haven't done any soaring before, and this looked like a good place to start. Actually, I first did the tutorial and race missions and then loaded up the default DG808S. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to look for. In particular IRL the sail planes are always going back and forth along the pali which is just behind the airfield. Since the prevailing winds are the NE trades, there normally is an updraft there. The lack of good lift led me to start digging into how to create glider lift in FSX.What I found is that things apparently have changed a bit since FS9. Lift in FSX is generated either by thermals or ridge lift. These are created in a couple ways:a. There is what amounts to autogen thermal lift which is determined by the underlying landclassb. Thermal lift can be injected via simconnect (but not ridge lift).c. Thermal lift and ridge lift can be injected by missions.d. Thermal lift and ridge lift can be compiled into bgl code (scenery lift) via bglcomp.I did some digging into the files that make up the scenery, and it appears that there was an attempt to create a ridge lift scenery trigger object, but as far as I can tell it doesn't work. So using info from the mission creation sdk, I built a modified ridge lift trigger and installed it. This seems to work much better. I set my weather to winds of 15 kts from 075 and got some nice lift. Unfortunately, I don't know enough to really accurately create the lift, so I don't know how realistic my little mod is.I think the scenery could be improved by maybe including a soaring mission.I think I read somewhere that Aerosoft is working on a soar plane for FSX, so maybe this will be an opportunity to work on this.Meanwhile I found a beta freeware program called CumulusX which is designed to take mesh data and convert it into slope data which is then used to create ridge lift. This may be the best answer in the long run.At any rate, I have been having fun soaring around Dillingham now.scott s..

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Scott,where can i find CumulusX?Thanks in advance! Ah and i also enjoy DillinghamX very much :)PS: Aerotow from Paavo Pihelgas is also a great tool and the sceneries are also really nice!

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