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Key to Eliminating U.S. Flight Delays? Redesign the Sky Over New York City

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Since it seems that most of the simmers fly the airline-heavies and simulate flights into and from the major airports, I felt this article would be of interest.
Flight simulator is a great resource for things like these. I remember when Mitre did an even on VATSIM to collect data on some kind of new communication with ATC to get clearance and some kind of departure and arrival procedure similar to a STAR but I forgot what its called. There was TONS of traffic, and it gave Mitre lots of data because of the sheer amount of aircraft and because of how people on VATSIM try to fly everything as close to real life as it can get! think MITRE and CAASD are still collecting data from VATSIM, I'm just not sure if they announce it or not.This was very good opportunity for the government and VATSIM, because the government got the resources it needed to test their studies, and VATSIM got more attention and people all over the world realized just how close flight simulation is to real life it is done right :(.

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