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  1. Just want to say thank you MortenS for keeping us up to date with the map verisons. :(.Safe Flights!
  2. I found some great on one of my around the world flights from Elko, Nevada to Empire Nevada (KEKO -> NV77) and I saw some really great scenery with lots of ridges and mountains, and they looked great with Service 1 and 3. I prefer Service 1's color but the colors change between level mapping while Service 3s color remains similar throughout all levels. There are few farms on the way and very small towns, which gives you an idea about life in Nevada apart from Las Vegas! Photoscenery leaves default FSX scenery in the dust, and with default scenery I'm betting all you'll see is a desert with no crop circles or farms, and at Elko you might not even see a small city/town.Elko: http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=40.826704&a...r=0&src=msaSome Crop Circles on the way: http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=40.847113&a...r=0&src=msaEmpire (which has a runway that's impossible to find!): http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=40.847113&a...r=0&src=msa
  3. No problem! I agree, :(, but sometimes to make things better you have to take out older features :(
  4. Sorry, I haven't been on the forum for a long time, high school has me locked down :(. Your welcome. :( I was a bit frustrated with Windows 7 too, at first from Vista, but everyday I'm learning something and improving it! My performance was a little worse at first which is weird, but its getting better.
  5. To turn off and completely remove the permission errors, all you have to do the Control Panel and search "UAC" to turn User Access Control off. It is probably the first thing you should do on Windows Vista or 7 to reduce headaches. Even with UAC off you still have to click the blank space in the window for the scenery to add...
  6. I tried but it did not work for me... :(
  7. No offense, but I tried your method and was a little unclear/confusing, that's why I posted this one.
  8. There is a bug with Windows Explorer and Flight Simulator X because of its difference to Vista and XP.To add addon scenery in FSX follow these steps. Go to the "Scenery Library" in the "Settings" Menu Browse to the folder you want to add and hit 'OK' The addon scenery that you have selected will not be added, instead it will advance inside the directory. To add the scenery LEFT click on any blank space inside the folder, and the windows should close. You should now see the addon scenery selected in the scenery library! Go fly and enjoy the performance on Windows 7!! :( This may also work on FS9, but I do not have it, so I am not exactly sure.
  9. I'm running on a Radeon and honestly, when there are overcast clouds, my FPS is still above the 30s most of the time with high to max cloud density....
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