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Overclock and RAM timing

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Thanks for your explain jwenham, much appreciate it. I checked all settings and it is set like you said. I guess my feeling about overclocking was not based on reality if a increase of only 5fps and the same smoothness is the reality. I do have 2 more questions:1) Since my RAM modules doesn't like the 7-7-7-20 timings and before I buy some other modules that run 6-6-6-20 for example, I wanna know what I can expect this way, I read all the explanations from Nick but I cannot interpretend this to FSX, can it increase fps or only avoid stutters(smoothness)2) I read in one of Nick's statement you should never exceed memory speeds, for example my module is 7-7-7-20 1600mhz, but I can have a stable system at 3,95Mhz at multiplier x19 with RAM speed of 1664Mhz. What will happen if I run the system with this settings? Will the lifeline of my memory be shorter or does it conflict on another way?
Im sure Nick is talking about timing that should not run different from the rams default. If you can run your ram faster, all the power to you and your system will benefit from it. If I OC my CPU to 4 ghz I can only run my ram at 1400 ish. WHen I lowered my mult to 19 I ended up with a 3.93ghz (close enough to 4ghz for me), am able to run my ram at 1657, and was also able to lower my VCORE to 1.28. I think in my example the slightly lower CPU speed (only 70mhz slower from 4 ghz) and faster ram speed is the more sensable OC and I am getting the best bang for my buck.

Jim Wenham

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