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Just an additional piece of info -- the new rects seem to affect the over-the-panel-view. It is easily fixed by cranking up the head tilt factor in the flight3.cfg.I assume this is what happens, when the 3D area is limited FU III shows a "scrunched" forward view. That is, everything from the ground up is being vertically compressed to fit into the assigned window. Then, when the 3D rect is extended down to the base of the panel a larger part of the forward view is being hidden behind the 2D panel. To regain a proper view the head tilt should be adjusted to be able to see the runway. Don't overdo it since real aircraft really do provide a limited view. Besides, we've got the VFR panel option for more scenic views. A proper IFR panel view should show you (at least) the far end of the runway when you're sitting on the ground in a tricycle gear aircraft.I've been using this line lately,head_tilt 340Prior to the drastic rects editing I used,head_tilt 356Hence, if you want to see more ground you'll have to go for a lower number.Hans Petter

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Enabling anti-aliasing on the graphics card causes the cockpit in Flight Unlimited 3 to become black (see files "AA off.jpg" vs. "AA on.jpg" at https://skydrive.liv...BC8A1ADE599!210) and some of the instruments (e.g. the inside of the Trainer's attitude indicator) disappear.


Specifically regarding the affected instruments, these areas only flicker into appearance when they're changing. So e.g. when the Trainer is in flight, the attitude indicator will be showing, but only because it is constantly flickering because it is constantly changing.


All updated patches for the game are installed. Varying AA from 2X to 16X does not resolve the issue. Geforce drivers tested with the game are v266.58, v285.62, v314.22, v320.00 and v320.18 without success.


I have tried the Cockpit Designer solution mentioned above. It removes the problem, but introduces a new one by changing the 3D region such that it is looking upwards (i.e. at a higher angle than normal). It is suggested here to use head_tilt in the configuration file to change the view angle. In this way, the distorted cockpit (including the instrument anomaly) no longer exist with AA when 3D Region and Rect 1 are set to cover the entire screen. However, the head_tilt causes a slight vertical tilting of 3D objects with objects towards the left of center leaning slightly left and those towards the right leaning slightly right. Is there a fix for this as well? I've checked with the original .res file and the anomaly is caused only by the head_tilt command.


Kindly advise.


Also, let me know if you need to see additional pictures or videos.




My current PC configuration is:
PC: HP Compaq dx7500 Microtower
RAM: Corsair 4 GB
Graphics card: Zotac GeForce GTS 250 ZT-20105-10P
OS: Win Vista SP2
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7600
Monitor: HP LE1851w
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Profession1al Series

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Congrats Hans Petter, thats a big step ahead :-)The only reason for the rects are the speed up of the cockpit screen, a must for 400MHz computer of 1998 but not needed for todays hardware.As I looked to you last posted picture in the other tread I noticed the failure at the recs limits, the center was ok, but not the borders.Now your way is easy to use and can help all with Vista and new hardware.


Thanks a bunch! http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=blackbird&CatID=lgfu3&Go=Search

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