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Best AI traffic package for FSX?

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Hello,With my new system, I'm finally going to be ready to start with FSX. Within FS9, I started with Ultimate Traffic (from the day of its release), but over the years it has been replaced by a homebuild huge collection of freeware AI traffic, giving me traffic on pretty much any (commercial) airport I get to.Now with FSX I would also like to see a good coverage of AI traffic. Meaning that I'd like to see traffic also on regional airports and not only on the big international / intercontinental hubs.To my knowledge; I have three choices. MyTraffic 2010, Ultimate Traffic 2 and to go the freeware route. I'm a bit reluctant to go freeware again, simply because it takes so much time to set up.This leaves me with the commercial stuff. It seems that MyTraffic 2010 has a better coverage (number of flights and airports) compared to Ultimate Traffic 2. However, looking at screenshots, I believe the models used for UT2 look better and the interface appears to be better and provide better possibilites to add your own traffic.So my question is; which one should I buy? I tend to get the UT2 package, but the numbers of the MT2010 package seem very attractive....Best regards,Frank


Frank van der Werff


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You also have the choice of MyTraffic Professional.Both MyTraffic 2010 and MyTraffic Pro are created by the same author Burkhard Renk.MyTraffic Pro is a Simmarket product while MyTraffic 2010 is an Aerosoft one.The Pro version has a few more airports and more aircraft such as military.Mike

****** Computer Info *******

IBM i7 920 2.66 Ghz

9 Gb Memory

Nvidia GTS 250 1Gb PCIe Video

Realtek High Definition Audio

W7 Premium 64bit


******* FSX Info ********

FSX with Xpack

Running MyTraffic Pro version 5.3

w/Flying W's SuperTrafficBoard

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