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  1. Samples here:http://www.combatplanes.ca/alaska.htm
  2. IIRC FSX will rebuild the cfg file if it can't find it. Maybe rename or move your present copy out of the FSX directory, restart FSX and see if that corrects it.
  3. I pulled it down yesterday. Nice little standalone app. Thank you!The only thing it showed needing correction was the page file not being system managed.I allowed it to change the page file.Mike4B8
  4. >Hi, I have FSX (deluxe) and since FS9 has become quite>inexpensive, I purchased a copy of FS9 yesterday. My question>is: Can I move the FS9 version Cessna 182 to FSX? Is it just a>matter of copying the C182 folder from the FS9 "Aircraft">folder to the FSX "Airplanes" folder?>>Thanks in Advance for responses>Flt300z>>Sure...you can move it along with abunch of others if you wish, see here: http://www.flightsimulatorguide.com/fs9-to-fsx.htmMike4B8
  5. Maybe this will help...http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchMike4B8
  6. I agree...I gained about 3-4 FPS with your mod and I thank you for that.A couple points on installing though (at least on my system):1. I found that I had to create a folder (I called it temp) just under the folder NAME (not under NAMETexture) and put the 3 files there.2. In your batch file the first line is --copy. The batch file will fail unless this line is removed. Easy enough using notepad.After these 2 changes your mod worked fine.Mike4B8
  7. >Does anyone know why I wouldn't be able to keep the "Show ATC>text" checkbox turned off in FSX?>>I can turn it off but the next time I launch it's back on>again. Is this a bug or do I possibly have an issue going>on?>>Thanks!!!Maybe it's saved with your default flight?Uncheck it and save a new default fight, then quit and reload FSX to see.Mike
  8. Aside from the obvious typo error what you will need is about 3 to 4GB of disk space for the files. I run my sliders at 20% (Commercial) and 10% (GA) AI traffic with acceptable FPS at most airports. Surprisingly this setting gives quite a few aircraft. Depending on where you are it can vary from about 10 to over 90 in traffic explorer.MikeSystem:HP Duo 2.82 MB RamATI X200 graphics 256MB
  9. Carl,Remember, the sounds come from the soundai.cfg and soundai folder. Maybe thats why your method didn't work.Try mine anyway. That way you'll get the spool up sounds on takeoff.Mike
  10. What I did:Copied the sound files, both regular and AI from the 737-800 folder to whatever AI jet you want to use as a base aircraft. For example if you had an AI 747-400 folder you would copy the sound files to it. Both sound folders need to be copied as the soundai.cfg file gets .wav files from both.Once copied the example 747-400 would have AI sounds. To get other AI jets to have sound all you need to do is alias the soundai folder in the other AI jets. Using the above example, soundai.cfg would be "alias=747-800soundai" without the quotes. Very similar to the FS2004 way of aliasing.Mike
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