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  1. toriu

    Scenery Config Editor v1.0.4

    Thank you Jim, I have upgraded to 1.1.9 and now I can get the list view which I couldn`t before . It reads: 200 Areas have Errors, with the red triangle They are 29 and 35 and 724 to 921.
  2. After having difficulty with removing some scenery in fsx, the Scenery Config Editor v1.0.4 is now reading "Error: view is disabled as scenery has structural errors." To get back to normal should I disable the scenery.cfg in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX. and let FSX build another one? Or is it more complicated. Any advice will be appreciated.
  3. toriu

    Help on finding more addons?
  4. After trying to install some scenery (X) into FSX/Acceleration I think I screwed up, and now have "198 Areas have Errors" warnings in the Scenery Config Editor. They start at 685 Scenery\AFRI all the way down to 882 Scenery\World. I have deleted the scenery (X) but the errors are still showing in the Scenery Config Editor. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. toriu

    FSX/Acceleration To Prepar3D v4

    Thanks Ted, yes I have plenty of room on my hard drives. Never thought of doing it that way. Ray
  6. At the moment I'm running FSX/Acceleration on a system with the following specs. FSX/Acceleration (boxed) Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Processor i7-6700 @ 3.00GHz Installed Physical Memory 8.00GB Graphics GTX 970 4GB What Would be involved in changing over to Prepar3D v4? And what is the best way to transfer all my ORBX and other additions? Any help will be appreciated. Regards Ray
  7. toriu

    Orbx Airports

    Palm Springs is one of my favorites too, but shouldn't it have an ILS runway?
  8. Purchased and installed 5 boxed airport add on's for FSX. They all work perfectly, and are GB£1 each...What a bargain!!
  9. Have you sent a Trouble Ticket to SimMarket Sales and Customer Service?
  10. toriu

    Any solution to missing trees?

    I had a similar problem some time ago, but only in specific areas. You might find some clues in my post.
  11. toriu

    Lost all trees

    Lost all trees including FTX TREES HD. The problem seems to be only in FTX England, Wales, and Scotland. I have ticked both boxes for ftx trees hd in central 2. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. toriu

    Failed to load texture messages

    Thank you for your help, I will try what you suggested .
  13. Just recently when I download any scenery, and install via the scenery Add-on in FSX, I'm getting dozens of messages come up like this one. "Failed to load texture: CTO2_LM.BMP". That's just one example, there are loads of them, all with different file names. When they pop up the simulator stops until I press the OK button on the message. I will appreciate any help.