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Jeffrey L. Whitaker

Jetway management

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**********RESOLVED**********Good morning,I would like to use FS2Crew in cooperation with Xpax. Timing of pasenger loading can be accomplished by unchecking the option to "Automatically start boarding" from within the XPax options menu. This way I can begin boarding manually using XPax following FS2Crew's EVAC and emergency lights test.Here is the conflict I encounter...1. FS2Crew commands the FSX jetway (CTRL+J) once "Start" is selected from the PREFLIGHT section of the FS2Crew's secondary panel. 2. XPax commands the FSX jetway (CTRL+J) once boarding begins.This conflict results in two programs working to manage the FSX jetway.Q: Can the automatic control of the FSX jetway be supressed from within FS2Crew? Perhaps there is a line in the config that could be removed manually?Update: I have tried to delete the default FSX jetway connect/disconnect command (CTRL+J) and assign this function to an unused command combination. No luck, FS2Crew and XPax are both able to call the FSX jetway into place.If others are using a combination of FS2Crew and XPax or FSP I would very much enjoy hearing your solutions or a description of how you manage loading passengers.**********RESOLUTION**********I have chosen to allow FS2Crew to control the doors and jetway as intended. I have ensured that Automatically open doors and Automatically start boarding are not selected from the XPax options menu. It seems XPax management of the FSX jetway is connected to the Automatically open doors option.Once I complete the EVAC and emergency lights test for FS2Crew I simply select SHFT-E from the keyboard and Start Boarding from the XPax main menu. Pressing SHFT+E has no effect on the MD-11 doors, but seems to fool XPax. It seems XPax cannot "read" the door status from PMDG.At any rate, this seems to work without any issues. The only hassle comes from selecting SHFT+E to board and deplane passengers through XPax.Jeff

Jeffrey L. Whitaker

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