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FAQs and Troubleshooting

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FS2Crew: Maddog FAQs and Troubleshooting:Question: Is my machine good enough to run FS2Crew for the Maddog?Answer: If you can run the Maddog aircraft, then you can run FS2Crew.Question: The Voice Button doesn't turn on.Answer: Make sure your Speech Recognizer is set to English (if using XP) or English - US (if using Win 7 or Vista). Also check the Speech Init log in the FS2Crew Maddog Config Manager.Question: I ordered but I have no download link. My order status says Pending or Awaiting Payment.Answer: Sometimes this can happen if your account information does not match up with your payment information.If it happens to you, just send me a polite email and I'll update your order status manually.Question: I read the manual, and when I left clicked the Captain's Primary Flight Display to open the FS2Crew Main Panel nothing happened. No FS2Crew panel popped up.Answer: Your Maddog panel.cfg was not updated with the FS2Crew window/gauge entries. Make sure you press "OK" in the MadDog Config Manager as per the FS2Crew manual (I'm referring to the Maddog aircraft manager, not the FS2Crew one).Pressing "OK" should result in your panel.cfg file being updated with the modified FS2Crew version. If that not happening, make sure UAC is off on your machine if using Vista or Win 7.Question: Do I really have to read the manual?Answer: Yes, we really went for "As Real as it Gets" with the Maddog version. So the manual is a must read!Question: If flying with the French female First Officer, will she blow smoke in my face and call me a 'Stupid American' if I screw-up?Answer: Maybe :(Question: Is there any way I can voice train "specific" words that sometimes the speech recognition system has trouble detecting on my setup?Answer: Yes. FS2Crew beta tester Tom Risager suggested this method: You can also try to improve voice recognition accuracy rates by using the dictation facility in Windows. Start speech recognition in Windows, open a text document and dictate a list of the words you are having trouble with. Every time the speech recognizer makes a mistake, use the "CORRECT THAT" voice command. This effectively trains the engine to recognize how you pronounce those words.You may need to dictate and correct some words multiple times until recognition improves.Question: My FO stopped talking.Answer: You probably 'reset' your flight. Try reloading FS to load the sim clean.Question: I really like the new "mute" function controlled by the assignable push to hold key. It's very handy when dealing with on-line ATC. How do I know if mute is active?Answer: A yellow "M" symbol will appear in the display panel when your assigned mute key is pushed and held, or when Squawkbox 4 (FS9 only) is transmitting on voice.Question: Does this product connect to the old Start Center?Answer: No, I've decided to discard the unified Start Center system. This version uses an independent Config Manager.Question: What's the command to get the FO to repeat the last checklist item?Answer: "REPEAT LAST" or "SAY LAST".Question: How can I use FS2Crew Voice over a network?Answer: See this thread.

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