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"FS9 Error - Failed to Read from File"

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I suddenly started to get this error message tonight - the first time I had ever seen it. Looking at a number of threads here and elsewhere I see many people suspect their hardware, but I managed to solve the error (by trial - and (lots of) error!) so I thought I'd post my solution here in case it's of use to others in the future.The file that FS9 reports it can't read from is (at least in my case) a scenery file (in Addon Scenery, or wherever you put your 3rd. party stuff): one (or more) active scenery files has been corrupted, or is missing. I use a bit of software called scenery_align to activate/deactivate sections of the scenery.cfg file selectively and using this it didn't take me too long to find one scenery entry there that, when marked as active, caused the FS9 error message: deactivate it (i.e. change the entry to 'active=false') and FS9 loads up just fine.I am pretty paranoid about keeping backups of my FS9 installation, so I deleted the scenery folder in question from 'Addon Scenery' and copied over my backup. Now I can activate the scenery and FS9 loads up with no problem (I'm afraid didn't discover exactly what was amiss with the original folder - a file missing, or corrupted, I dare say). But all's well that ends well ...Hope this helps someone at some stage (though it may be that this error message is caused by other problems too??) - the horrible sinking feeling as FS suddenly fails to start like this is not pleasant at all!!Martin

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