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OOMs Cured Completely!

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I hope that I'm not posting this prematurely, but I am almost 100% certain that I have cured the chronic OOMs that I have been experiencing since I purchased my computer about a year ago.I uninstalled FSX from Program Files(86)and re-installed it directly into my C: folder, then I went to ******* Bojote's tweaking tool and installed the reworked FSX.cfg file back into FSX.I installed the FPS Limiter and set my nVidia GTX480 with Inhancer and set my options per the PMDG instructions.I installed the PMDG 737NGX and did a flight. Everything looked good, so I installed FSGlobal 2010, several addon airports and all of my Flight 1 Ultimate Terrain and Ground Environments including Ground Environment AlaskaX and all of my North American Orbx addons, which include all three Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain sceneries.Also I was running real time weather with REX Overdrive. Last night, I intended to do a flight from KPAE to PANC which is a little over 1200 miles. Normally this was no where near possible. I would have had an OOM at about 400 to 600 miles, with graphics degrading along the way. If I didn't have an OOM, by the time I landed FSX was almost unusable.I thought I had the NGX set up to pause at TD, but I forgot to set that. I took off from KPAE and stayed with it until cruise altitude. I also stayed with it for a while at FL350 and watched the beautiful Canadian scenery from out the window. Then I went to bed figuring that when I wake up, if FSX had not ran out of memory, I could perform a landing at PANC.Unfortunately I forgot to set the pause and when I woke up, my NGX had landed (yes, landed with gears down) in an empty field in the north of Russia.Fuel tanks were empty, warning horns were still going off, ADIRS had shut down and lost alignment, but FSX was still working perfectly. Everything was smooth as silk.I checked the FSX Map and you could see the path of the flight going long past my destination and over and well into the northern part of Russia.What exactly happened on that flight, no one will ever know unless the NTSB does a full investigation on it, but it performed a real test on my computer.The real result was that, at the end of the flight, I had FSX still running as healthy as when I started.My system is i7 with nVidia GTX480 (factory overclocked), 12 Gigs of RAM and 1TB harddrive. I am running Windows7 Ultimate 64bit with SuperFetch turned off.Maybe this might help others that are having problems with Windows7 64 and give them some ideas. Note: There is nothing wrong with the NGX that causes OOMs. If you are running out of memory, it is your system or configeration, not PMDG.I just ran three fuel tanks on the NGX, from full to completely empty and still had a healthy FSX still running when I woke up.The 737NGX performed flawlessly. Bob

Robert Yunque




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Glad your have find and isolated the problem. I also work to find the spot and can tell that i believe my Ultimate traffic 2 has a memory leak. Even at FSX usage 2GB of RAM it crash in EGLL over London City enabling UT2 but i will test some more. /Michael

Michael Moe




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