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"Jerky" turns much improved post-hot fix

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...at least on my system. Though I have not (as yet) had any issues with freezing panels, I installed the hot fix this morning, and just completed a 3.5 hour flight KBFI-KMCI. Though it wasn't specifically mentioned as an issue addressed in the patch, the tendency for the aircraft to make "abrupt" turn entries seems to be completely gone. During the flight, there were several 40-to-90 degree turns, both when operating in LNAV, and using heading select. Now, in every case, the aircraft rolled into each turn very smoothly - no more "lurch". This was also my NGX first flight using ASE. I have always used FSUIPC, but for this flight, I removed it from the modules folder, as I thought it might be causing problems in other parts of the simulation. In the ASE options tab, I moved all sliders relating to turbulence, windshear and thermals to "off". The flight was conducted using DWC mode. Absolutely NO S-turning problems at all, despite having a quartering crosswind of almost 90 knots at my cruise level of FL 370.

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