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A photorealistic CVFR flight Part2

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Part 1:http://forum.avsim.net/topic/349147-a-photorealistic-cvfr-flight-part1/ Flying over another wapoint, Furadis Junction:fsx 2011-09-19 21-20-32-53.pngfsx 2011-09-19 21-22-13-34.png Passing the waypoint, Atlit Interchange on Highway 2:fsx 2011-09-19 21-25-53-62.png Haifa southern suburbs.On the front of the plane, Haifa South Interchange, which connects Highway 2 and Highway 4. On the left, Israel Electric Company Tower:fsx 2011-09-19 21-27-49-95.png Flying over our last waypoint, "Bat Galim" neighborhood. Near the right wing you can see "Qiryat Eliezer" Stadium, that held a game in the UEFA Europa League on the last thursday between Maccabi Haifa FC and AEK Larnaca. On the front of the plane, Haifa port and the Israeli Navy base:fsx 2011-09-19 21-30-00-81.png A US Navy carrier come to visit:fsx 2011-09-19 21-31-05-39.png Unfortunately I didnt catch pics from the approach, whic is a bit challenging in Haifa. Final , Runway 34:fsx 2011-09-19 21-38-08-84.png

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