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  1. Anyone got any documentation for the 414 with RAM conversion as the Flysimware addond simulates? I couldn't find any on the web...
  2. Thanks. Works well. I remembred MSFS withouth the shapren and I guess one of the updates apllied it. My sim looks terrible with shapren on.
  3. Had my training not too far out at KFPR. Never landed at FLL though, unfortunatly.
  4. Haha the good GRABCARD acronym that every instrument rated pilot remembers haha. Some adds another D at the end for DME above FL240.
  5. I am still getting ctd. Everytime I try to disconnect from xbox live my sim crashes.
  6. SIDs and STARs aren't mandatory at all and RNAV procedures are flown basically the same as VOR procedures with aircraft equipped with an HSI or VOR receiver. Obviously you need a GPS unit(or an old school rnav device) but you will shoot the needle the same as you do with VOR, you just wont have to dial a frequency and monitor the dme(btw, a GPS unit is a legal substitute for a dme according to the FAA. Obviously it refers to approved gps unit like the GNS and not your mobile phone)
  7. Hey, I can send you my mods in PM. Its not 100% ready but you can edit it and do whatever you like with it.
  8. Hey, guys. I have changed computer simce I worked in this one. I'll have to give my files a deep look.
  9. Hey. I am interested in you chieftain mod. Can you send it to me at hbforbar(at)gmail(dot)com , please?

    It looks fantastic!

  10. Thanks. Any chance you got it in your email box maybe? Regards.
  11. Does anyone have the mod any willing to share? I cant PM the author
  12. Hey, can I get your mod? My email is hbforbar(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks!
  13. Yes I will. I can send you the "Beta" version right now.
  14. Thank! There is a really nice freeware G5 and it the AP gauge is designed for it.
  15. New updated. Changed the autopilot, XPDR and radio and added a new RMI.
  16. I am working on avionics upgrade mode for this old addon. The mode will include: Flight 1's GNS 430(Payware) Milviz WX radar(Payware) Meggitt/S-TEC Avionics Magic 2100 (Freeware on Avsim by Maarten Boelens) Davtron M803 chronometer to replace the old analog clock (Freeware on Avsim by Pierre Fasseaux) New COM2/NAV2 radio (Freeware on Avsim by Pierre Fasseaux) Garmin G5 EADI/EHSI (Freeware by Bob Kellogg) Garmin GTX327 Transponder (By Ants airplanes, freeware with their P92 eaglet demo) Turn coordinator and ADF RMI position switched to allow better instrument scanning Due to Carenado's virtual cockpit design I couldnt feet a second GNS.. The 3d knobs have to be removed for this mod to work the best. Stay tuned... Here is how it looks. I still have to work on the gauges' sizes and scaling..
  17. Thats strange. Try to reinstall and check if you have the "GCCB_RADIOS" file inside gauge folder in your main sim folder.
  18. Do you have the cargomaster extension installed?
  19. Verify you have these lines in the panel.cfg [Vcockpit03] section: gauge07=GCCB_RADIOS!Radio_KR87_ADF, 2,382,270,67 gauge08=GCCB_RADIOS!RadioTrans, 2,313,276,67
  20. Seems like the file is available again on Carenado's site http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php?accion=update
  21. I am interested in their C208. Does the updated version comes with Flight1's GTN intergration? I couldn't find any info about it as I wanna purchase the GTN too.
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