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PMDG 747-400 Oddities....

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Hello,I just got the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies. I have a few legs to go on my debut arround the world trip with her. I havn't figured out how to fully use some of the features (Like VNAV) Anyhow, Ive noticed a few oddities... Whenever I load a saved flight with the queen of the skies, engines shut down, apu shut down, cold and dark. It comes up and the engines, all four are SMOKEING Once I tried to reload in flight, and it wasn't pretty.... I had it paused and that way I could reload the panel state as well, however the engines went wako, the switches wereall in the wrong positions, Autopilot wanted to nose dive and the aircraft went into a left spin stall. Switches were in positions beyond their "limits" My main question:How does one load an inflight save of the queen of the skies without her going bizerk? Also:I nearly overran the 13, 000 runway at YSSY (Sydney's Kingsfield Smith) airport, I loaded the aircraft with theload program that came with the aircraft. I had 2/3 Pax, and 350 or so on fuel. I was at 875, 000 Max TOW. Engines wereat Take Off Power, Flaps at 20. Rotated at Vr Nose didnt leave the ground till well after V2. Anyhow, I checked in the "Aircraft->Fuel Payload" and it said I was 50, 000 over weight well over 900, 000lbs...Yet the FMC showed 800, 000 lbs. I did not use the FSX Loading to load cargo or fuel, I only use the ones thatcame with the plane. So what accounts for this excess weight? The plane was flying like it had the extra weight. HEre is a copy of a post I posted on another forum where some one refered me here.. "Anyways, I don't know if this is RL or not.But right now, I'm cruising at FL 300 FMC says my gross weight is 841 Fuel and payload says my gross weight is 928!I just looked, then hit cancel, I loaded to 875, 2/3 pax and about 350 fuel with the PDMG program that came with it.I did have a very diffuclt time getting off the ground at YSSY with Flaps at 20, the manual says to use 10 or 20.Anyways, I have CRZ power selected, I'm at FL 300 my optimum is 296 and my max is 339.my N1 is 101 - 102% for holding Mach 0.850 wich is almost center between the top speed / overspeed warning area and the low speed / stall speed area.my EPR is 1.50 and max for Crz is 1.72....This seems alot high for just cruze flight, or do heavys realy fly that way? Ive never really watched, engines how they run in flight on real aircraft. But other aircraftIve flown always seem to cruise at 70 - 90% N1AND Another thing.I took the advice of another member and do not start out with the Queen of Skies 747 in default. I always load with the default 747 then switch over. But what aboutrecalling saved flights in flight? Since sometimes FSX will crash in flight, I occasionaly save. The instructions say that the panel state is saved with the flight. So whenI reload and reload panel state everything is shutdown and in odd positions. Some of the switches were WAY off, past their 'mechanical' stops. The plane imedently wentinto a left tail spin, something I havnt seen simulated in FS since 5.1. Naturaly a right rudder corrected, but then autopilot wanted to dive down so I had to fly the last600 miles manually. I even loaded and swaped with the default and that didnt help.How does one load an in-flight save from the queen of the skies without her goinging royaly insane, and bouncing the passangers all over the cabin?"

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It's been a while since I used a saved flight, but in the addon/pmdg menu you have the option to save the panel state.I'd suggest always pausing when saving the flight, then save the panel state. When loading, pause right after it loads & reload that panel state. Take a few seconds to verify the critical awitches are in the right positions & then unease it. I don't remember if it also saves your route, you may have to re-enter it.I dunno if that'll help you or not, but it should be a good start.As for starting c&d, start a flight with the default cessna & make sure everything is off including magnetos, then change to the 744.

Kenneth Weir

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When it comes to the FMC garbage in equals garbage out. Make sure your zfw and gross weight in the FMC match what you are expecting to see.

Branton Turner

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