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Syd Weedon

Ten Ways That Flight Simulator is Better the Real World Aviation

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1. My Carenado C185F costs $19. A real Cessna C185 costs $147,000.2. My virtual cockpit is always 70 degrees Fahrenheit.3. I can ignore Air Traffic Control if I want to.4. I can have broad daylight at 1:00 AM.5. If I don’t like the weather, I can change it.6. I can fly 737’s, F/A-18’s, and Lockheed Constellations. Nobody is going to turn me loose with planes like that in the real world.7. I can fly anywhere in the world without having to actually go there. Who wants to travel for 22 hours just to fly a 20 minute flight in Australia?8. I can go to the bathroom when I want to.9. I can fly airplanes that lost their airworthiness certification fifty years ago.10. When I crash an airplane, I cuss and start a new flight.

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