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  1. Your Kung Fu is strong. I had the ailerons mapped to the X-Axis on the throttle quadrant. It makes for quite a rodeo.
  2. Well, I solved the problem, so just ignore this like you have since I posted it.
  3. Friends, I have a problem that I need help with. I installed FSX on a fast new computer running Windows 11. It runs like a dream with one exception. When I'm on approach to a runway, even when I keep my speed up, there comes a point where the plane begins to bank to one side or the other and the plane becomes uncontrollable. It doesn't matter which plane I use. I have tried both easy and hard realism settings and that has no effect. I have run FSX on other computers since it came out and I have never experienced this behavior before. I would deeply appreciate any help or insights you might have on this. I'm out of ideas. Thanks
  4. Dear Frank, You are reading my mail. I have created an excellent FSX installation with at least hundreds of dollars of FSX add-ons. I wanted to buy a box that you could go all the way to the right on the sliders with FSX. This new box is an i7-11700 with oodles of RAM,SSD system drive, and a great video card. Controls are Thrustmaster Airbus. I want to get FSX and my add-ons functional on the new box and then I'm going to give some serious consideration to FS2020.
  5. I just finished installing FSX on a brand new Windows II box. The activation went fine. The FSX activation server is still operating. I did have problems installing Acceleration. The activation would not complete. Fortunately, I had the disks for Service Pack 1 & 2 which will give you the system stuff you need for FSX. I uninstalled Acceleration and installed the service packs instead. Everything is fine.
  6. I will have to say that I am new to most of these forums myself. But I just happened to recognize the name and couldn't resist adding a fellow friend/pilot from EVA. :) -Hope all is well.

  7. Hey, how are you. Not sure how this friend thing works on Avsim, but it's good to see you.

  8. It's a great plane and I fly it even with the "known issues" but I am delighted that Carenado has the concern a responsiveness to issue a the patch. Keep up the good work guys. You have created some flight simulation masterpieces.
  9. I am not using the RealityXP gauges and I have had no CTD's with the C340. Hope this helps.
  10. I have been flying the C340 II for two days now. I have had no CTD or OOM errors. The only problem I'm having is that the weather radar doesn't seem to work. Otherwise, it's a lovely airplane that I am really enjoying.
  11. I'm having the same problem, even when flying into an intense storm using the default Real Weather.
  12. I want to share a solution I found with you. FS2004 had been running fine on my system for months when it suddenly began to hang up or crash to the desktop at startup. I read a lot of web pages about fixing this problem and tried quite a few of the solutions offered but none of them seemed to work. It was maddening. Then I stumbled upon the following page:http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...195&Product=gmsThe part that solved my problem was the section titled "Method 2: Verify that DirectX is installed correctly." When I ran dxdiag, sure enough, my DirectX was broken. I believe that this happened as a result of my testing of a new registry cleaning tool. Anyway, I installed DirectX 9c and my problem was solved. I also disabled the Nvidia helper processes. If you're having this problem, check your DirectXSyd
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