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  1. Walt90

    XPUIPC 32/64 Bit

    Maybe I'm overlooking something. I downloaded and installed Xpuipc but it seems very limited in what it does. I did use FSUIPC for many years so I know what it offers. From what I can see, xpuipc only supports networking? No other utilities such as key, button, and joystick configuration?
  2. This was linked to many years ago but maybe worth re-linking. Using a computer power supply for 5v/12v power. http://web2.murraystate.edu/andy.batts/ps/PowerSupply.htm
  3. Maybe others have a different priority list for flying. 1- Operating the aircraft. 2- Communication. Looking back throught the beta releases, I don't recall seeing much work on the ATC engine. I'd say the X-Plane ATC engine needs some developer time
  4. I have the VoxATC FSX version but haven't used it since moving towards XPlane. In an email several weeks ago, Tegwyn did hint that he will be looking into an XPlane version after the next FSX update is released. More email requests may help.