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  1. ROFL!!!! Awesome....Is it in beta Yet? What Livery is it coming with? How much is it? :) :) Why aren't you doing an FS9 version :(
  2. Just how would you propose they could make this a "True Simulation"? They aren't going to simulate the systems in the back, FSX isn't capable, and even if it was you would have to wait for the PMDG Akula Class simulator to have something to hunt out there in the water. So what's left? Range? Can pretty much figure that out from the size of the aux tanks and known fuel burn. Performance of the wing? Well you have another mixed fuselage / wing bird like the 3 C40 variants (worked on that design as well...at least the A model) not that hard to get it close.In the end its another commercial derivative aircraft. There's nothing fancy up front that you can model that would be of any value in FSX to anyone. You're not going to hunt subs or whales or even russian trawlers with it. Deploy sonobouys? Not likely Deploy the MAD boom? I guess they could model a trailing wire if it made people feel better. You're just going to burn holes in the sky flying around in a Haze Grey 737. In the end, you would have a basic repaint of a 737....Get over your secret squirrel stuff already......Nobody is asking for multiplayer, Guy in the back, simulation of the systems models.Have fun changing elastomeric bearings.......
  3. Sorry. its not as "Double secret agent" stuff as you make it out to be. The Mission systems gear comes out of my group at GEAS. Boeing installs the gear, not some super secret third party. Boeing's P8 Demo trailer was here last month, and while not showing heavy details on the inner workings, there's a flyable cockpit in it (original UA 737, shaved to fit in the trailer and decked out with gear from Flight Deck Solutions), single projector and an interesting representation of the HUD. Some of the rear positions are mocked up with demonstrator gear as well.Maybe Tabs can poke the Indian Navy for info when they get their P8I's (Former Aviation Structural Mechanic (AW) A6's / EA-6B's NAS Whidbey AIMD) :)
  4. EuropeUKIrelandDenmarkGermanyRussiaHolland/NetherlandsBelgiumLuxembourgFranceItalySwitzerlandUkraineNorth AmericaUSAMexicoCanadaSouth AmericaChileArgentinaCaribbeanSt. ThomasMiddle EastUAESaudi ArabiaBahrainQatarAsiaHong KongSingaporeChinaIf you call someone who speaks two languages Bi-Lingual and someone who speaks three languages Tri-Lingual, What do you call someone who speaks one language?.........American :(
  5. The Russian stuff was real interesting.....BAe:BAE-146Boeing:707717727-200737-200737-300737-500737-600737-700737-800737-900747-200747-400757-200767-200767-300777-200Airbus:A320A330-200Antonov:AN-140Bombardier:CRJ-100CRJ-200Embraer:ERJ-145ERJ-140Fokker:F100Grumman:C-2 greyhoundLockheed:L1011S-3BMcDonnel Douglas:DC-10-30MD11MD87MD88MD90Tuplev:TU-154GA airplanes:Piper ArcherPiper CherokeePiper Warrior IIPiper TomahawkCessna 152Cessna 172Cessna 182Vans RV7
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