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PMDG 737-900 NGX Paintkit lighting issue

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I just recently got the NGX and currently just playing with the paint kit for the 1st time to hopefully answer some questions that have come my way. I must say two things. 1st and foremost, as always, I'm very grateful and impressed with the paintkits. I have never seen any that meet such high expectations as the PMDG kits. I just finished a 10 month long painful process for creating a HD Duke B60 kit. That was far before the turbine kit ever came to light and like I said, it was painful.Second, and more important here I think, is that I really don't understand how so many things could be wrong with the kits as they are. Like this thread and the Alpha channel being way out of whack I mean seriously, is that really such a difficult thing to be fixed? I could make these fixes myself but then I'd be in violation of the EULA if I were to then distribute these fixes. The guides are wrong (cut layers) as they've always been for at least the 900. The 900's window layout is also very incorrect but probably not noticed by many yet. The point is all the things wrong make an A+ kit really drop. Since it's been some months now since the kits were released and although I see the others were updated this month will be making a video to not violate the EULA and also so I won't have to distribute files that aren't mine. The video will be How to FIX your NGX paint kit. So far all I've looked at is the 900 and still trying to make sense of some things. One major issues looks more like there's a complete half hole in the fuse that's squared and is either a rather huge modeling mishap and nothing to do with the kit at all, or the alpha's could be correct where the window layout for the 900 is surely not. Hard to tell using all white paints peops but if you want to see just paint your windows dark.Other issues include alignment. Those too exist in most paint kits I've seen and the base alignment layers or the cutouts themselves are just way off. I made corrections to all the kits in the past and emailed them to PMDG but never saw any implemented which is a crying shame (such as the 74x series not having any correct alphas and cut guides way off). The 900 at least also has these annoying alignment issues. The guides are wrong by 1 or 2 pixels which will give anyone created a dark paint that all so pretty white line down the fuselage (twice, once per section). Knowing these issues had to be fixed by whoever does PMDG's paints really makes you wonder why they keep the fixes to themselves. Are you saying "Please share your paints, but first solve are mysteries!"Anyway, I'm not here to bash a free and great thing but since my new NGX doesn't go 5 minutes without crashing I thought at least I could paint. That too is on hold until I fix things that amaze me were missed in the 1st place. I was hoping to do an update paint tutorial using it but like in doing my first it's hard to spend so much time politely having people first fix the issues that exist without it sounding bad for the author. Not my goal of course, but also no way around it if explaining how to paint "Correctly".Slightly offtopic. I made my own paint kit for the 747-400 LCF. It too uses the same split open look that painters will probably tilt their heads at, at first when looking that the NGX kit. It's not that difficult once you get use to it and other than all the bugs in the 900 kit, so far I'm like it the best.

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