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Aviation + Christmas Spirit = THIS!

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I figured you guys could use a good laugh, so I came up with these parodies based on Christmas songs. Here goes...First we'll begin with Joy To The World, airport style!JOY TO THE WORLD, THE BOEING HAS COME, TO FERRY US DOWN SOUTH! LISTEN TO THEM EEEEEEEENGINES ROAR, I NEVER DONE THIIIIIS BEFORE, WE"VE ALL BOARDED NOW, THE ONLY THING IS HOW, THIS THING WIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL TAKE OFF FROM THIS DAMN SHORT RUNWAYNext, comes a true Christmas favorite, Jingle Bells!Cessna Smells Cessna Smells I should clean it upbut I'm busy flying a-round to even lift a kleeeeeeeeeeeeeNEX!Cessna Smells Cessna Smells Someone puked in hereI think I should land this thing and impound it next year! HEY!Next...The Christmas Song.Chestnuts roasting in a tarmac fireJetfuel...near the gate.Bonnets being blown off from the jetwash of AAir France, Boeing 738Everybody knows to have a perfect nightyou need some clearance too.We'll get some from the tower and then!Taxi toooooo TWENTY-TWO!!!!!Next...White Christmas.I'm, Dreaming of a leeeeeeeeeaaaarrrrjeeeeettt!I could travel everywhere...Through the windshield I could seetown lights winking at me,and use a barfbag on the gooooooooooo...I might want to puuuke IN IT a time or two...I get airsick too you knooooow...Sometimes I wonder why I bought this thinggggggg!But I did, now, I'm screwed.And that's all I can think of. I am not responsible for deaths due to laughing too hard.

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