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Can somebody point me to some literature that tell's me exactly what LNDA is and how it works. What are the advantages of using LINDA for say the PMDG NGX, over using FSUIPC only?

Rick Hobbs



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Hi Rick!OK, since no one else seems to be around on the forum at the moment, let me offer you a starter for ten, as it were.

Can somebody point me to some literature that tell's me exactly what LNDA is and how it works
Download LINDA and check out the pdf that comes with it, which covers all the major features. A longer guide is in the course of preparation, but that is not yet imminent, given that LINDA is a very comprehensive and remarkable peice of software.
What are the advantages of using LINDA for say the PMDG NGX, over using FSUIPC only?
There;s no easy answer to that, but I'll be as brief as I can.LINDA is a rather cool piece of software that allows you to very simply allocate buttons to the controls of various add-on aircraft (such as the NGX) since the basic vanilla-flavour FSX controls are almost invariably insufficient. A little while ago, Pete Dowson realised that FSUIPC was becoming a little daunting to use with some of the more advanced functions, so in version 4 he added the ability to use Lua scripting to be able to add more complex logic and tailoring. But Lua can be a little off-putting for non-programmers, so LINDA adds some clever code and a GUI interface to make it very easy to allocate your buttons using code that someone else has written (such as a simple interface to 500+ NGX-specific functions, and a similar number for many other add-on aircraft). LINDA leaves the allocation of axes entirely up to FSUIPC, but it can work with anything which looks to Windows like a Human Interface Device (except keyboards and mice), which means almost all joysticks and throttles, although it also specialises in supporting the VRinsight MCP Combo devices. Another virtue of LINDA is that it contains special tracing abilities to allow users to investigate a newly-produced aircraft, so that they can produce the relevant Lua module for others to use.LINDA even adds a Shift function, which effectively doubles the number of controls you have available! :smile:So it is a tool with several talents, but the one which will probably most interest you most at present is that you can install LINDA, install the relevant aircraft module (modules exist for many aircraft, including the PMDG NGX, MD-11, JS41, and 744X - see elsewhere in this forum - and you can then quickly allocate many NGX functions that FSUIPC knows nothing about to your buttons. (You can allocate the basic FSX functions too, just as easily).For example, here's part of one of my old LINDA assignment screens, mostly relating to my Warthog throttle levers:lindav11throttleacfg.jpg(The apparent gaps in the above allocation sequence are in fact filled because I allocate EZCA views to those controls, in case you were wondering).The numbers down the left-hand side are the button numbers as seen by Windows (they are also the numbers used in the illustrations in the Warthog handbook, incidentally). Against each one you can allocate up to three actions: on initial press of the button, on repeat (button held down), and on button release, and the names you see in each category are either NGX functions or FSX functions or, of course, additional functions that you yourself can write in Lua once you get the hang of it (NGX Cockpit Prepare is an example). And your new functions can call existing functions, of course.....So that's LINDA, in a nutshell. and I hope it gives you a preliminary picture of LINDA. But this forum is the place to find out more, once you have read the LINDA document.Cheers,Brian




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