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  1. Thank you for that. I tried it, but it had no effect on the movement. I should explain that I'm getting movement of the camera whilst the aircraft is on the ground, so perhaps it's not "cinematic" mode that's doing it? The unwanted movement continues, however. It's as though a heavy telephoto lens is gradually tilting the camera view downward, so that the view of the aircraft on the runway threshold gradually becomes replaced by a view of the ground. [LATER EDIT — FIX FOUND] Ah-ha!! I just went exploring to try and find additional options, and found the "Advanced" tab (I'm pretty sure I hadn't ventured there before). Enabling the "Track Aircraft" switch has at last caused the view to remain where I wanted it. (I'm not sure how the thing became un-checked in the first place, but hey...). :-) Many thanks, Brian
  2. Apologies for raising this: I really *have* looked, but haven't found the answer (and it has to be something simple, one feels...). 8-\ How can I completely and permanently disable cinematic mode? I seem to have managed it previously, but following a recent update it's back and won't go away..... :-( Many TIA, Brian
  3. The words that Keven quoted were "activated on a single computer", which is what I have — hence my question, since I have a concern that the requirement for holding CP's settings only on their servers does already suggest an excessive imposition of anti-piracy measures at the expense of user convenience: something which would be unfortunate, to say the least. > "Just curious, any reason you're hanging onto Windows 7?" <grin> Were it not so I would hardly have gone to the trouble of arranging the dual boot. ;-) (On a different topic, the red 'Interested in joining OVPA?' button on the OVPA web site is broken). Cheers, Brian
  4. I have a single computer. On it I dual boot into either W7 or W10, both of which have a copy of FSX installed. Obviously, there is no possibility of my using both simultaneously. Can I therefore run CP in both environments, or are you saying that a second license would be required for the same machine? Cheers, Brian
  5. In cinematic view, there was a noticeable slight twitching of the aircraft, which looked almost as though some random turblence effect (head movement? engines?) was creeping in. That effect in cinematic mode has also been remarked upon by a fellow Admin at my VA, so I thought it might be worthwhile mentioning it to you. What prompted me to do so now is that, further to your suggestion to disable Smooth Zoom and Static Mode, having done that I found that the twitching effect in cinematic mode was gone (although some shaking of the ground still occurs, but since it only happens in low views as the camera moves upwards I think that's probably a different problem?). Cheers, Brian
  6. Ah — thank you, that's very helpful. I wasn't using the zoom controls in FSX, though, I rather naughtily edited the file directly (whilst FSX wasn't running). <*cough*> 8-º > "...make sure you enable the "Disable Smooth Zoom and Static Mode" in the Preferences" Roger, Wilco, and all that jazz. :-) Many thanks, Brian
  7. Hi Keven! I'm hugely enjoying your great product! :-) The appearance of my ChasePlane views initially was similar to that obtained by using a wide angle lens on a DSLR (I only fly 744s, which look extremely distorted and unrealistic in that presentation). After thinking about this, I checked out <username>AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Cameras.cfg and found that three ChasePlane cameras had been added to the start of the file, all of which had their InitialZoom figures set to 0.4000333000. <gulp> Which would certainly account for the "wide angle" effect that I was seeing. 88-) Using the formula in the second video to which you kindly directed us, I plugged in the figures for my setup and the answer came back that in my case a zoom factor of 1.5 was applicable. So I edited the camera.cfg file and simple-mindedly substituted 1.5000 as the InitialZoom figure in all three cases. On starting FSX the distortion had completely gone (I had to move the viewpoint back a bit to compensate, obviously). :-) So I'm not sure where that initial zoom fiigure of 0.4000333000 came from, but it certainly had the effect of making an aircraft the size of a 747-400 look very strange indeed! However, now that I have changed the InitialZoom figures for all three types of ChasePlane view I'm finding that new presets added seem to inherit the figure from the previous preset, so presumably the problem has gone away. I just thought I'd mention it in case others had the same experience. :-) (Incidentally, does the "Focal" camera control have any bearing on this? It didn't seem to have any effect when I tried it). Cheers, Brian
  8. I entirely agree with the OP. Storing stuff in the cloud is all very well until there is some problem with the Internet connection. There should *always* be an option to store (and restore) a local copy of ALL remotely-stored settings in order to prevent connectivity problems from rendering the app unusable. (This opinion is based on some decades of experience in the software business, incidentally. ;-) ). Cheers, Brian
  9. Thank you, gentlemen — I'm very happy that it's been useful to you. ^_^ Cheers, Brian
  10. Ah. OK — thanks for the clarification, Jason. :smile: Cheers, Brian
  11. OK, my eyesight isn't too good these days, but I sort of assumed that I was seeing "cockpit shadows" in the 777 with Steve's Fixer (examples ringed, below)? Or are we talking about something different? :mellow: Cheers, Brian
  12. Working fine here. The Fixer seems to have overcome most, if not all, of the previous problems with DX10. It also knocked almost 1Gb off my VAS usage with the 777. I would recommend a high-end Nvidia graphics card, though (remember that in DX10 all the graphics processing load is handled by the GPU), as well as taking the obvious step of checking that your installation will run in DX10 mode, prior to purchase. :wink: Cheers, Brian
  13. It might have been more helpful if you had been more specific about what you are looking for: exactly what "isn't working" as you expect, and in what way? B) However, as Andy so rightly said, you will need to add your own assignments for some functions, such as the SPD knob, for example (which I remember in particular since I had missed it, on my first try). Unfortunately, I did most of the assignments when the 777 LINDA module was first released, so at this stage I can't now recall which ones I needed to add. But I would expect that in the case of the SPD knob (using that as an example) you will probably need to assign "PMDG Push SPD" to the "Press" action. If you need them, you'll find a complete alphabetical list of the v0.5 assignable functions in post #72, above. Or if you know which ones you want, simply select them from within LINDA, where they are helpfully grouped together. Here's a screenshot of the MCP v1 assignments I use: if you compare them with yours you should be able to readily see where you may need to add an assignment. (I'm not saying that these particular assignments will necessarily be or do everything that you might want, though — they're just an example). :wink: Hope that helps, Cheers, Brian
  14. Hi Artem! Just to say a huge thank you for adding support for the Saitek Pro Switch Panel! ^_^ The release of the v0.5 module for the PMDG 777 prompted me to try some assignments using the unit, and it works perfectly. (You can see a few details in this post: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/418643-pmdg-777-module-version-05/page-3#entry2843450 ). LINDA just keeps getting better and better! :biggrin: Best wishes, Brian
  15. Incidentally (as a follow-up to the above post), when I was at the Flight Sim 2013 show a few weeks ago (it was held at the RAF Museum at Cosford — what a great venue!) I picked up a Saitek Pro panel, now that Artem has kindly made the functionality available to us via LINDA. So this morning I had a look at the latest LINDA 777 v0.5 functions to try and decide what I wanted to do with it. In the end I gave up looking for something original, and decided that the most logical choice would be to use the switches for 777 lights, so that some of the existing panel markings could be retained. The gear up / gear down switch is too nicely modelled to use it for anything else, and that just left the rather VFR-oriented rotary switch. I would have liked to have used it for autobrakes, but it has far too few positions. There's not enough positions for the flaps, either, but in the absence of anything else I wrote some extremely inelegant LUA code to utilise it for that — well, for the most common flap positions that I use, anyway. That will have to suffice until I think of something else. B) The landing gear lights are illuminated green continuously whilst the gear is down, but on moving the switch up the lights turn red, and then are extinguished once the gear is fully retracted. I have yet to test what happens in the event of a failure, but Artem seems confident that it will work appropriately then, too, and I'm sure he's right. ^_^ So here's a diagram of the unit as I have set it up: In case it helps anyone that's new to all this, the assignments within LINDA were as follows: Huge thanks, as ever, to Günter and Artem for this fabulous utility! :clapping: Cheers, Brian
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