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  1. For some reason (probably something to do with my pc) PSXT will usually do at least one restart while being parked at a busy airport. I noticed that after the restart it reverts to real time instead of sim time and I've got to uncheck and check the Sim time checkbox again to get PSXT back to sim time. Not a big issue now that I'm aware of it, but it might something that's connected to the bug that was fixed in 6.6.1? I've added the log below (I omitted the live aircraft matching and the parked aircraft).
  2. My guess is that the manual download would be from the United Traffic Team website, which is down. You might want to be careful with other Russian airlines that use repaints from United Traffic Team.
  3. That folder should be, according to message on PMDG forum:
  4. You can enter the average head- or tailwind in that field. I am not near my PC right now, but I think the format is HD or TL followed by the average head-/tailwind in knots (for example HD017). if you import the winds on page INIT A, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to (or can’t) enter the average wind on INIT B.
  5. I've installed 3.5.0 two hours ago (19:39) and just sent you the zipped folder. I'll have a look if I can find which of the airports resulted in the bad allocation thing. Edit: I was able to find two add-on airports that did not end up in the folder C:\PSXTraffic_P3Dv4\airports\my_thirdparty: KPDX (D:\Prepar3D v4\Flightbeam\Flightbeam - KPDX\scenery\KPDX_ADEP4_DS_01_no-statics.bgl) NZAA (D:\Prepar3D v4\Flightbeam\Flightbeam - NZAA\scenery\NZAA_nostatics.bgl).
  6. With the exception of some third party airports not being found during the airport search, it works for me! I do have the same issue with airport searches being aborted (because of bad allocation or vector too long). Here is my log (including my afolderx parameters):
  7. I have no clue why it's happening. I didn't change anything beyond uninstalling PSXT and installing PSXTraffic. I had a look through my Simconnect log files, but that didn't help either. Another step would be a clean re-install of P3D, but that's not something I'll be doing in the next months.
  8. After a break I gave PSXTraffic a try today with P3D v4.5, but I'm also stuck at "Waiting for Prepar3Dv 4". Last flight before my break, I had no issues with PSXT (installed on same PC as P3D). Re-installing Simconnect didn't work. Here is my log file:
  9. Looking through my log files today, I noticed that there's something going on with airline UGD. I think it may have been added to the dbase.xml file, while it's also in fixes.xml. In my Fixes.txt I found: Meanwhile, in AirlineTypeConversions.txt:
  10. Indeed, the type code for the KC-767/KC-46 tanker is B762.
  11. Since updating to 29.1 I'm getting a lot of error 101 " title of livery not available". I've looked up the titles in the aircraft.cfg files and they all show up there. I was wondering what I could do to solve this issue, as I've never seen it in previous versions and don't have a clue to be honest. Thanks, Marc
  12. Great, thanks! I've removed the KMIC.xml and I'll keep this solution in mind for other airports as well.
  13. I've noticed something flying into KMSP. On two different flights (first one with 22.0 beta 5, second one with 22.0), the parking airport changed from KMSP to KMIC on short final. I understand why it happens, but is there something I can do to prevent it? This is the section of todays log (I landed on KMSP runway 30R at 12:12):
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