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  1. Looking through my log files today, I noticed that there's something going on with airline UGD. I think it may have been added to the dbase.xml file, while it's also in fixes.xml. In my Fixes.txt I found: Meanwhile, in AirlineTypeConversions.txt:
  2. Indeed, the type code for the KC-767/KC-46 tanker is B762.
  3. Since updating to 29.1 I'm getting a lot of error 101 " title of livery not available". I've looked up the titles in the aircraft.cfg files and they all show up there. I was wondering what I could do to solve this issue, as I've never seen it in previous versions and don't have a clue to be honest. Thanks, Marc
  4. Great, thanks! I've removed the KMIC.xml and I'll keep this solution in mind for other airports as well.
  5. I've noticed something flying into KMSP. On two different flights (first one with 22.0 beta 5, second one with 22.0), the parking airport changed from KMSP to KMIC on short final. I understand why it happens, but is there something I can do to prevent it? This is the section of todays log (I landed on KMSP runway 30R at 12:12):
  6. Using this decoder I get: 4/011: the snow depth on the ground, 11 inches 11006: the maximum temperature since 6 hours, -0.6 °C 21017: the minimum temperature since 6 hours, -1.7 °C 53013: the pressure change since 3 hours, +1.3 hPa, having decreased or steady, then increased; or increased, then increased more rapidly.
  7. Thanks! That solved the issue for me.
  8. I have the exact same issue after updating AILG. I noticed today in the PSXseeconTraffic log file that a lot of options were removed because of non-cargo aircraft at cargo positions, but checking the aircraft they all have the line "atc_parking_types=CARGO".
  9. Interesting. I did a clean install using the newest installers in August and have all the manuals (FCOM1, FCOM2, FCTM and QRH for the 737; FCOM and QRH for the 747; FCOM and QRH for the 747-8; FCOM1, FCOM2, FCTM and QRH for the 777 - all P3Dv4).
  10. There are a lot of rumors about the cause, for example on pprune, but no NTSB report yet.
  11. LOC/VNAV is a valid indication according to FCOM2 10.11.14. Looking at FCOM1 NP.21.73-NP.21.77 I think (haven't tried it) that LOC/VNAV can be achieved by pressing VOR/LOC instead of APP.
  12. Check the date in P3D. I believe the default date is 21 September.
  13. I haven't seen it yet, but you can find it on page 12.54 of the 747-8 QRH: Fuel temperature is predicted to be low after reserve transfer occurs.
  14. My guess would be that it’s an issue related to the panel state file.
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